What if money could create the world you want to live in? Forests for Futures started as a financial project with the purpose of taking care of part of the forest that’s been re-established in Costa Rica, but it’s not just about the forests in Costa Rica on the El Lugar property. It’s about a willingness to work for and with the Earth to generate and create its resources.

The Earth is ultimately our body. Everything is borrowed from the Earth and will eventually go back to the Earth, and without the Earth, we would not have our bodies. On today’s episode, Shannon talks about Forests for Futures and an invitation to choose to not give up on the Earth, to contribute to and receive from the Earth, and to restore, invite, and create with Earth energies.

Listen to learn how enjoying and honoring the body is the freeway that each and every one of us can contribute to the Earth. What if a happy body could change the world? Will you go on this journey with your body called your life and receive the gifts that having a body has to offer? Let’s enjoy this Earth, not mourn this Earth, and be the gift that creates the world that all of us would like to live in.

Key takeaways:

  • Is it easier to change the world with or without money?
  • Functioning from gifting and receiving
  • Choosing to not give up on the Earth
  • Receiving the gifts that the Earth has to offer
  • Happy body, happy Earth


When you have a communion with the earth a different reality can begin to occur.
– GARY DOUGLAS, founder of Access Consciousness

Your Body and the Earth

How aware are you of your body’s connection to the Earth?

How many of us eliminate our body’s sensitivity and connection to the Earth through thinking, as a way to avoid feeling and being aware of everything including what is going on on the planet?

Your body is a gift from the Earth.

Without the Earth, we would have no bodies, without our bodies the Earth thrives.

What if taking care of the Earth was not just about recycling or saving the whales? What if it was also enjoying your body totally! Judge your body and you are against the earth.

How many times have you been aware of things you would like to change on the planet and looked to what external action you can take in order to create the change?

What if you looked at what you and your body can be to transform what is occurring on our planet? Since your body is an organism of the earth, it is also a catalyst for transforming the earth and vice versa.

How many of the difficulties with your body are a result of not having a connection, a communion, and a willingness to have our bodies be a part of the Earth?

What if through being connected with the Earth you could create greater ease, space, healing, and generation for the planet?

Some tips for being more connected with your body and the earth:
- Don’t think so much. Thinking takes you right out of your body and in so doing disconnects from all earth energy.
- Judge your body less, or if possible not at all. Judgment is a surefire way of separating from the body.
- Prioritize your body more. How many hours per day do you dedicate to honoring your body, if any? Spend at least one hour per day dedicated to honoring your body, choosing what makes it feel good. And one whole day per week dedicated to it. I know it might ‘feel’ boring for your head and I assure you, you will start to feel the difference in your body exponentially.

Access Body Processes

Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of the phenomenal Access Body Processes in the Access 3 Day Body Class.

Run on the soles of the feet, this dynamic body process re-establishes our connection with the planet, allowing us to access the healing, allowance, and vitality that the planet can contribute to our bodies and that our bodies can contribute to the planet.

Please check out these Access Body Processes and how they can contribute to you having the joy of embodiment and a greater planet?

The Access Body Processes, created by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, invite you to change your relationship with your body, and as a consequence, everything in your life. These powerful and dynamic processes are not necessarily about healing and fixing the body, they are for accessing greater consciousness through the body.

What would be possible on our planet if everybody had the Access Body Processes available to them?

Welcome to the magical Access Consciousness Body Processes.



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