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The Vagina Class | Full Series

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Welcome to the Vagina Class, for ladies only. 

The full series includes the 3-part INTRO Class and the 6-part EXTENSION Class.

A place and space to access the intelligence of your body and its deepest capacities. Unlock and clear the blocks, insanities, misunderstanding and unconsciousness that keeps you from having all that your body can be.

What untapped ability, awareness, possibility and transformation can your body and vagina gift and are you perceiving and receiving it?


The Vagina Class | Full Series

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The body holds a million mysteries and powers.

Un-accessed, unexplored and untapped, these mysteries can lay dormant and sometimes turn into unexplained sicknesses and insanities.

The vagina is capable of deepest pleasure, awareness, healing and unstoppable power. The genitals are a source point for a kind of consciousness that is too often misused, untapped, heavily judged, repressed and never fully accessed, allowed, valued or understood.

The body never lies and the genitals always tell what the head will not be aware of.

If you do not listen to your genitals, you will never fully know all. If you do not embrace and value what your vagina is aware of you are never fully embodied. You are only a head with no connection to the earth or any of its pure and true magic.


3 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded call via mp3 Audio
3 x Written Clearings PDF
3 x Clearing loops via mp3 Audio


6 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded call via mp3 Audio
6 x Written Clearings PDF
6 x Clearing loops via mp3 Audio

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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