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Restoration of Body & Earth Day

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Our bodies are organisms of the earth, the happier the body the happier the earth and visa versa.

Join Shannon O’Hara for this amazing class of restoring the earth through the body.

This is a powerful body class with tons of clearings and aha moments.



I spent an evening with a bunch of other bodies at an event and it was so much fun and ease. I normally do the wallflower thing, but this was so easy.

I also used some potency and tools on a difficult relationship and it totally transformed. wow. This is the most I’ve gotten out of a one day class and I didn’t say a word the entire time.

Much gratitude for encouraging me to show up!

There is also a body process mentioned in the class, Restoration of Communion with Earth. It is highly recommended that you get yourself to a Body Processes Class to learn how to run this.

You can find a class HERE

Would you be willing to put your barriers down and receive this class, the earth and your body in a way that you have not been willing to before?


1 x 120 Minute Pre – Recorded Class via mp3 Audio

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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