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How to have an Awesome Valentine's Day with Max & Shannon

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What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

  • Does it stir up romantic notions of wining, dining and dancing with a sexy someone?
  • Are you swept off your feet by your significant other in a flurry of chocolates and champagne?
  • Do you daydream of lost loves?
  • Do you go to church and light a candle for Saint Valentine?
  • Do you boycott the whole thing because love is a bullshit concept anyway??

Join Shannon and Max as they expose the plethora of limitations that Valentine's Day expectations create.


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How to have an Awesome Valentine's Day

What would happen if you softened your resolve to be the perfect mate? Or were in total allowance of your significant other?
Or even had some allowance for yourself? What could you create in your universe then?

What infinite possibilities are actually available to us if we chose to love ourselves?

"The definition of Valentine - A sweetheart or choice made on Valentine's day"

Just so you know - this is NOT a relationship class! It is going to push you to reveal you super sexy sexual selves... 😉

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YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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