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Energy As The First Currency

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Welcome to Energy as the First Currency

Are you ever confused by money?

Well that’s because it’s not real, it’s invented. It’s a cool invention but it can only exist when we believe in it.

Energy is actually the first currency. It is what all living organisms share, exchange and use to live and thrive; including us.

Money was invented as a way of bypassing the exchange of energy; as energy is hard to comprehend or control.

However, we arrive at a time where most people have lost or replaced the value of energy with money and in so doing lost access to the source of true creation, energy and abundance.


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Energy As The First Currency

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Energy as the First Currency

Do you ever invalidate energy for what seems more ‘real’?

Is it silly to talk about energy as a viable and relevant currency for life, because, you know… only weirdos talk about energy?

Join me for a deep dive into the energy access you may have lost in favor of what can be defined, comprehended and controlled.

What if you could and would receive what you cannot conceive?

1 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
1 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp4 Video (English only)

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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