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Conscious Parenting

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Conscious Parenting

This is a standalone special on Conscious Parenting from an exclusive Club Consciousness monthly membership call that Shannon did in August 2023. You can check out the Club Consciousness membership for $150USD per month HERE.

Are you in allowance of your children suffering?

If you handle all their pain and suffering for them, will they ever learn how to create their own realities? Are you empowering or are you taking away their power?

What’s the target here? What’s this life for? Is it to be a doormat mom? Or change the world and have everything expand to greater?



Conscious Parenting

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Welcome to Conscious Parenting – special standalone call from Club Consciousness!

You must empower yourself as a parent, otherwise you are always following or in reaction to the massive matrix of parenting points of view that exist in the universe.

Parenting in this reality is protecting, helping and saving your children. Conscious parenting is empowering and contributing to your children.

Kids are the biggest investment of your life. You are investing energy in them every day. Is that investment going to lead to a disempowered, crippled, clueless, incapable person? Or is that investment going to lead to an empowered, capable person who is a contribution to the world?

1 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
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1 x Written clearings PDF
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YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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