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Clearing Nights Malmo | Full Series

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Live, Recording

This package includes all 10 Access Consciousness Clearing Nights conducted live in Malmö, Sweden by Shannon O’Hara.

Each 2-hour recording is a powerful session that will clear and cut through all these issues giving you a greater sense of space, peace and a lot more awareness about what is for you.

NOTE: the audio quality of this product was made from a handheld recorder which is not to the standard of current products. Shannon can be heard clearly throughout, but if you like crystal-clear audio this product may annoy you.




Family, family, family… What more can I say? What does that word bring up for you?

Has your family ever been a source of limitation or judgment for you?
Have you held yourself back in life because you didn’t want to upset or be judged by your family?
Have you been trying to heal one or more of your parents all your life?
Does your family make you CRAZY?

Shannon digs deep into how we create our realities with our families and how to have more choice and ease with them. Yes, it IS possible. Get ready for some change.


Money. Do you want it? Do you need it? Do you hate it? Is it really the root of all evil?

No, it is not.

Money is a tool and like any tool, it depends on how the user applies it. How are you applying it in the world?

As Gary Douglas (Founder of Access Consciousness) says, “You do not have a money problem, you have a RECEIVING problem.” Let’s explore that together!


There are many distractor implants such as anger, rage, fury, hate, love, sex, jealousy, guilt, blame, shame, regret and fear to name a few.

How much do you function from these in your life and get stuck there?

The reason you can never seem to get free with these is because they are distractor implants designed to distract you from what is really going on in your life.

They are not real. Literally.

In this class Shannon identifies what they are, how to handle them and get free of them so you can have more freedom in the areas of your life in which you use them.

What would your life be like if you never functioned from fear, guilt or shame ever again?


How are your relationships?

With people? With money? With your body? There are so many areas we have “relationships”. And what a minefield that is!

During this class, Shannon facilitates megatons of judgments surrounding relationships and assists you to begin to recognize that you CAN create one that works for you.

Are you willing to look at relationships from a different perspective?


Have you ever had the fantasy that one day everything was going to work out?
Or one day your perfect relationship was going to come?
Or if you work hard enough one day it will all pay off?
Or if you sacrifice enough of yourself, you will make someone happy or everyone will like you or you will get it right?

How many fantasies do you function from when it comes to money, relationships, health and bodies? Lots huh? Let’s explore the limitations of fantasy together and discover what else is TRULY possible!


What is Creation?

Are you creating your life or are you maintaining your life?
Do you create your life from question, choice, possibility, and the joy and fun of it all?
Or is your life created from obligation, maintenance, judgment, and effort?

Do you even fully comprehend what creation actually is?

This class is full of Access clearings and lots of talk about what true creation is.

7. SEX

How much judgment do you have around sex?
How much blame, shame, and guilt do you tie into your sex life?
How has sex been for you this lifetime?
Is sex something that is a source of joy and health for you or something else?

This class is the start of the sexual education you should have been given from birth but never were.

Shannon facilitates a truly amazing conversation about what sex REALLY is and how to discover your own reality with it. Loads of judgments are cleared and even more interesting new concepts are explored.


What does it mean to be a Leader? Are you the leader in your own life? Do you lead your own choices? Or are you being bounced around by this reality and letting it dominate you and dictate how YOUR life should be?

What if there was another way to BE the conscious leader you were born to be? What would that create for the planet?


How is your body? Do you love how it looks? Do you judge it into oblivion? Do you wish that sometimes you didn’t have one?

What if your body was actually your friend? A loyal friend that has always had your back, but you have never acknowledged? What would your life be like if you honored your body more and worked with it as the powerful awareness tool that it truly is?


Kindness is one of the most powerful energies of change that is available on this planet. It is often mistaken for weakness… but is it really a weakness? Or is it a strength that touches and changes the realities of all the people that cross your path?

What would the planet be like if we embraced kindness? And what does kindness REALLY look like? You might be surprised! Come find out…

10 x 120 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
1 x Kindness Clearing loop via mp3 Audio
1 x Kindness Written clearings PDF

Part 1 – FAMILY
Part 2 – MONEY
Part 7 – SEX
Part 8 – LEADER
Part 9 – BODIES
Part 10 – KINDNESS

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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