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Body Magic Weekly | Full Series

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Join Shannon & Katarina for a magical body journey!

Restore, relax and commit to showing up with your body for an amazing adventure in what a body can BE.

There are 14 sessions that will run between 30 and 45 min and will be led by either Shannon O'Hara or Katarina Wallentin.

Get into your body's subtle strength and magical capacities.


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What would showing up for your body and playing with these amazing energies create?

Session 1 - Gyrokinesis with Shannon
Session 2 - Bodies & Earth with Katarina
Session 3 - Exercising Expansion with Shannon
Session 4 - MTVSS & Movement with Katarina
Session 5 - Butt Power & Pleasure Stretching with Shannon
Session 6 - Symphony Session with Katarina
Session 7 - Pilates with Shannon
Session 8 - Hello Body Wake Up Session with Katarina
Session 9 - Consciousness Diet with Max
Session 10 - Consciousness Diet #2 with Shannon & Max
Session 11 - Symphony Session On Contribution with Katarina
Session 12 - Body Process Massage with Shannon
Session 13 - Relax & Receive Body Process with Katarina
Session 14 - Golden Foot Exercise with Shannon

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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