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Multifaceted Assistant Position

Who wants to work?!?!

We are looking for an all around person to assist Izabela in all she creates and does for TTTE & Shannon.

What skills and abilities do you have?

Are you good at anticipating what is required before it is asked of you?
Can you connect people and projects and facilitate their movement?
Do you like to support others?
Are you good at moving and connecting?

If so we would LOVE to hear from you to see if we can all grow together.


Below is a list of some of the tasks and areas of this job.

1. Go through / filter the emails / messages that come in regards to the websites / graphic designs / business payments due / updates for plugins / new features for plugins and programs used.
2. Create, manage and coordinate a schedule for all of Izabela’s tasks, projects and requirements. This is vast.
2. Check the progress of ongoing tasks daily - schedule reviews of finished tasks, or huddles when project requires additional energy and attention.
3. Research and copyright of  listing/ emails for new staff.
4. Adding event / meeting reminders to calendar.
5. Following on relevant monthly web tasks.
6. Keeping box organised and clean with all naming as per guide.
7. Passing on new feedback / testimonials  (web developer).
8. Make reports / briefs from a progress of projects.
9. Draft communications to staff.
10. Research - various topics.


  • Must speak, read and be able to write in English very, very well.
  • 20 + hrs per week.
  • Be familiar with and using many of the access tools to make life and all things easier.
  • Be very comfortable with entities.
  • Must be a spherical communicator and ease with chaos create. Izabela is extrapolatory and spherical not linear.



What else is possible??


Shannon O'Hara Internship Program Application Form

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    Other Possibilities

    Hello There!
    If you are hesitating - don't !

    We follow energy in our business creation, so if you get that you can be a contribution to our journey apply now!

    & TEAM

    What skills and abilities do you have?

    We are always looking for special wizards.

    If you believe you have a skillset and ability that will contribute to this businesses we want to hear from you!

    Fill in the form and tell us about you and why you want to work with Shannon & TTTE.

    Please note

    * Ability to read & communicate fluently in English is a requirement.


    Shannon O'Hara Internship Program Application Form

    Where are you located?(Required)
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.
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