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Business School of Conscious Economics

shannon o’hara


Starting: 07.03.2024




2pm CET


7 x 1,5 hour calls

You will receive all the call in details 24 and 2 hours before the class starts.


Stoke your business by stoking your consciousness.

Everything comes to those who choose it; not those who work hard.

Conscious economics is the inclusion of consciousness as a viable, relevant and super charged advantage for productivity and creation.

All around us are the elements and resources of consciousness. They are waiting to contribute to us, our businesses, or bank accounts.

There is a whole other set of business principles and practices that, when chosen and instituted, yield not only in financial ways but gain in happiness, easy, a lot of EASE, uncontrolled expansion and contribution to all who engage with them.

These are not taught in business school, but when applied, accelerate any business to greater.

Business when created within the economy of consciousness can be money machines that expand and change the world; gifting to both customer, staff and owner.

Learn the stages of business, their check points and what must be instituted within each stage for optimal and sustainable growth.

There are so many lies about what it takes to succeed in business and money. What if you didn’t have to make any of that relevant?

What can you create?

Business School of Conscious Economics

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Business School of Conscious Economics – March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4 and 25 and May 2nd at 2pm CET.

FULL Schedule
Call 1  -
07.03.20242pm CET
Call 2  -
14.03.20242pm CET
Call 3  -
21.03.20242pm CET
Call 4  -
28.03.20242pm CET
Call 5  -
04.04.20242pm CET
Call 6  -
25.04.20242pm CET
Call 7  -
02.05.20242pm CET

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Class Sections:

What is your business for and how to invite consciousness to work with you

  • Points of view that include or exclude conscious economy.
  • How to build a money machine that expands consciousness.
  • Business of this Reality vs. Business of Conscious Economics
  • Short-term, mid-term and long-term (how long certain business milestones take)
  • Niche vs Generalisation
  • Small, Medium and Big Business
  • Economic Resources of Consciousness (what are they and how to institute)


  • How energy and information must flow to grow your business and consciousness.
  • Website, Data Base, Merchant Processors, Accounting Systems and Tax Structures.
  • Creating flexible and efficient systems that are not limiting or controlling.
  • Automation, how it is not the answer.


  • Mover, Creator, Connector
  • Leader, educator and influencer
  • The manners of good business
  • The difference between promoting and inviting
  • Selling to pain-points vs. Invitation to Change

Business Myths of this Reality

  • Competition
  • Supply and demand
  • Scarcity
  • Price Signalling (what pricing means and how to empower your self and others with money)

Staff For Greater

  • Owner, Manager, Employees
  • Mover, Creator, Connector
  • Hiring People Who Are Better Than You
  • When to manage and when not to
  • Becoming useless in your own Business
  • How to know if people will work.
  • How to know what to pay people for greater (hint, it’s not what you think)


  • Accounting is your super power. What are you Accounting For?
  • What kind of information matters to you?
  • Budgeting for More not Less
  • How relevant are the numbers?

Tax Efficiency and Structures

  • Tax Awareness and Efficiency for individuals and businesses
  • What is tax efficiency?
  • How to know what kind of tax structure is best for your business.
  • Mastering personal taxation for minimization and true creation.
YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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