The Commitment Class


23rd, 24th & 25th June 2020
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Access Consciousness BARS 
and at least 1 other Access Consciousness Class of any form.
$450 USD
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Loss or Gain?

What does the word commitment bring up for you?
Loss of choice, loss of freedom?
Life times in a strait jacket and committed to an asylum?

What if this was not commitment at all?
What if commitment was the choice that would give you more choice? More freedom? Give you ALL of YOU?

Without commitment to you, your life will not work. 
Your commitment is the super power that brings everything you wish to create into existence with ease.

Join Simone Milasas & Shannon O’Hara for THE COMMITMENT CLASS. 

A 3 part tele call that will remove the stigma of commitment and give access to the super power of commitment
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