SEXUAL HEALING | 6 Part Telecall Series


Call 1: March 19th (Your Time & Date)
Call 2: March 26th (Your Time & Date)
Call 3: April 1st (Your Time & Date)
Call 4: April 8th (Your Time & Date)
Call 5: April 16th (Your Time & Date)
Call 6: April 22nd (Your Time & Date)

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What is sexual healing? 
Are you a sexual healer?

Sexual energy is a superpower. Are you using it, abusing it, refusing it or totally confused about it?

You can’t ask your head because it doesn’t know. Only your body knows this power and have you been trusting your body?

What if sex could heal and transform our lives and bodies? 

Sex can be crazy and sex can be life transforming. However, most sexual knowledge and ability is so heavily judged that most of us walk around never knowing the capacity we may have for receiving or being.

How to know if you are a sexual healer:

  • If you often, if not always, choose the most fucked up person in the room to have sex with.
  • If you are always looking for who you can heal and fix rather than who can take care of you. 
  • If you wake up the morning after and feel like you were run over by a truck. HEALER!
  • You judge you totally and wonder what is wrong with you. HEALER!
  • And you often feel sad around sex rather than happy. HEALER!

Learn how to have the gift that sexual healing can be and stop being at the effect of what sexual healing has been.

Your body is a gift and have you been acknowledging it?
Be great with your body and choose who can receive it.

What if all sexual energies could come to you with ease, joy and glory?


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