Hopes and Dreams Telecall


5th August 2020 (TBD)
6th August 2020 (TBD)
7th August 2020 (TBD)

$450 USD
*Access Country Pricing applies and is automatically calculated in the shop

Are hopes and dreams the pretence that you don’t know or awareness of possibilities?

How many times have your hopes and dreams prevented you from seeing what was in front of you?

How often do you default to hopes rather than be aware?

How much have you been in the dream rather than be aware of what could actually be created or not created?

What if hoping and dreaming could stop being a form of self-delusion and start being the awareness of possibilities?

What is the difference between hoping and knowing?

What is the difference between dreaming and creation?

Join me for this 3-part tele call to find out!


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