Welcome to Conscious Futures with Shannon O'Hara

Have you ever wanted to contribute to creating the world you would like to live in?

I invite you to know that you can. It is in your choice, it is in your action and it is in what you know. If you don’t believe one person can make a difference, WRONG!

Your consciousness is the key, your strength and the most effective way to create easy change.

I would like to live on a planet with trees and happy people so I invite you to this possibility...

For any amount of money you choose, it can be $1 to as much as you want, you will receive these amazing, Consciousness treats:

7 amazing videos on Ease, Joy, Glory, Perceiving, Knowing, Being & Receiving!

Money Come – How to deeply transform your financial reality

Body Joy - What would your life be like if your body was happy?

Body Healing – Guided Meditation-Body

Body, Yes! call, say yes to your BODY

Talk To The Entities® – A taste of the of consciousness with the spirit world

Every dollar you contribute will go to FORESTS FOR FUTURES. The way to support and reforest the earth.

The more you contribute the more you will RECEIVE...


The Earth requires trees to grow and thrive.

The Forests for Futures project allows people to sponsor a tree at the El Lugar resort, an ecologically sensitive resort that honors the beauty and richness of the trees and the contribution nature is to the planet.

What if we could create a future where we live in communion with nature and become stewards of the earth? In doing that, we become conscious that every choice can be a contribution to us, our life, and nature.

How does it get any better than this? Discover more about Forests for Futures & El Lugar HERE

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