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on a planet far away a young girl dreamed that everyone could be happy, energized and the embodiment of magic, including herself.

She knew so many were seeking freedom, but from what, they did not know. They thought they were seeking freedom from being wrong, being stressed about money, hating themselves, feeling alone. But none of this was what really mattered because what they were all truly seeking was more consciousness, without even knowing it.

Even this young girl thought she was seeking to be right and not wrong by being perfect enough, beautiful enough, liked enough, but none of that ever made her happy. Until one day, she chose consciousness over rightness, awareness over wrongness and to be quiet in her head. 

Every time she chose not to judge herself or others, to question rather than conclude and be happy even when she could find a million reasons not to be,


substantiated more.

And then she set out to invite others to happiness and consciousness; not by being right but by being more conscious. 

She was raised by a

great wizard

so she had wisdom and knew that if someone would or could not choose, never to make them. Only to invite them, for when they did choose for themselves she knew they would own it forever. And so she travelled many lands, universes and worlds and found many new vistas of possibility. All the while inviting people to consciousness. 

The more seekers she met and touched, the more consciousness and power she and others received, for each who received from her gifted her in return. And she was no longer lost in a world of insanity, she was accompanied by many other brave choosers. In their choosing and courage to be different she and they became immune to insanity. When one chooses greater, all receive it.

The elements of consciousness began to return to the people of earth. The elements of consciousness were summoned back to the people from their place of banishment and intertwined with those who summoned more consciousness in themselves. 

Within you is a


a source that only you can be. It cannot be given to you, or taken from you, but it can be left untapped and un-accessed.

You are a gift, amongst everything you think is wrong with you. Amongst the insanity of others, you are a gift. You have always been a gift, you have always been cared for by consciousness, even when you reject it by judging yourself. 

If you could never be right and never get it wrong, what would you choose today? What could and would you be today?

I care for you and invite you to

leap towards you

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YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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