Peace with Money

I did not grow up in a household that had peace with money. How about you?

My first education with money from a very early age was that of stress, conflict and upset. So I thought this is what money should feel like in my life.

Throughout my twenties, I had tons of stress, conflict, upset and debt with money. And I’m sure my life and money situation would have kept on going like this if it had not been for the massive shift that my stepfather (Gary Douglas, creator of Access Consciousness®) made in his own financial world and subsequently empowered me to choose as well.

Growing up, my mom and Gary had endless financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy multiple times.

When I was 20, they divorced and in the following years Gary completely turned his financial world around and today runs a multimillion-dollar, international consciousness facilitation business.

It was watching him change his money world that started to show me what was possible.

I had so much pain around money I started asking him for help, and that began a massive transformation of my universe that has lead to me also running my own multimillion-dollar, international consciousness facilitation business. It’s like a mini version of my dad’s, but still formidable.

The beginning of my financial peace all started with this one question: Do you love or hate money?

When he first asked me this I said: ‘I love money of course.’ And he said: ‘Then why don’t you have any?’ And to this, I had no answer.

So I started looking at what was going on in my world around money. And I did start to notice that I had an undeniable resentment towards money most of the time. I resented that it even existed and that I had to use it. I found a million reasons for why money was wrong and bad. And then I had to admit to myself, I did hate money. And that was the moment my money world started to turn around.

So I asked my dad how to change this and he said: ‘Start duplicating the energy of people who love money’. So I started looking around at people’s realities, feelings, universes and energy around money and what I saw mostly was not ease. Most of the people I knew hated money and had a lot of trouble with it.

However, I was fortunate enough to have two people in my life who did have an energy of peace and love with money (they also not coincidentally had more money than anyone else I knew). I started duplicating the energy they had with money. Sort of like the way you learn dance moves by copying and repeating until you get the dance move into your body. But instead of dance moves, it's energy you are copying and practicing.

At first, it felt gross and so strange, I didn’t really like it. I could only duplicate it for about 5 seconds and then I went back to my ‘normal and comfortable’ energy with money. But over time I was able to sustain the energy of peace with money. Not the idea of peace with money but literally the energy of it. I started being a different energy with money, rather than hating money, literally.

Any time I started going into strain or upset with money I stopped it (some times I had to force myself) and prioritized peace and ease with money in my world. Instead of going into upset I would be ease.

I know this might sound foreign or not really valid and you might ask ‘but how do you do that?’ The thing is, you choose how you feel and react to every situation in life. It’s where we put our attention and energy that dictates how things show up for us.

I stopped making bad feelings with money relevant and real. I just stopped. And replaced them with gratitude and joy. And I made the demand of myself that no matter what it took I would have peace with money. Rather than let money and my ‘feelings’ around money dictate how I felt in life.

If I had money, I was at peace. If I had no money, I chose to be at peace.

Because after all, money doesn’t make me happy. I do.

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Is now the time to discover your reality with money and ACCESS the joy and peace that MONEY can BE?

Tales of a Dyslexic ex Hippy – How I got Rich!Do you love money or hate money? I know, crass question.

What if the simple reality of whether you love or hate of money was at the absolute core of your monetary situation in this moment?

I have watched people for years and years, work and work and work at improving their money situation and inevitably wind up more or less in the same place they started. This is because they fundamentally dislike money.

I dilly-dallied around dealing with my money situation for years and had minor improvements and inevitably sank back into the same pattern of debt and hopelessness.

Finally, when I had just about enough torture I heard my father (Creator and Founder of Access Consciousness®) say "If you hate money you will never have it in your life".

Eureka!! That was it, I hated money totally. I resented the fact that I had to have it or even deal with it. So as soon as I would get any I wanted to get rid of it because I hated it so much! Wow, there it was, my hatred of money was driving it right out of my life.

If you hate or dislike money as soon as you have any, you have to get rid of it. Think about a person you hate, do you want to hang around them much?

So, I set about changing my hatred of money and let me tell you this was no small feat. I realized I didn't even know what it felt like to like money. It was completely foreign to me. So I started asking "What is the energy of loving money". Even that question made me cringe but I set out to discover what loving money could even be.

If you can change your dislike of money you can change your money situation and if you continue to hate money will you ever be willing to have it in your life?

I had made money responsible for so many problems rather then seeing it was what people were doing with the money that was creating the problem. Money was not bad in itself, it was a tool. It was the way people used this tool that created greatness or damage.

As soon as I heard my dad say, “Is it easier to change the world with or without money?” I was like, shit! So much easier with money, duh!

And that was it, I knew the life I really desired was one where I was capable of making big choices, affording it and being able to use money to create what I wanted to see more of in the world. Like buying rainforests, working with and commissioning the best and brightest people to create a conscious beautiful world and of course travel! And not in economy.

So, how was I going to do this from the back of my van? The choice truly began there and I have been choosing ever since.

I went from deep in debt, struggling, avoiding and resistant to running and enjoying a multi-million dollar company that changes peoples lives through empowerment and consciousness.

Not bad for a severely dyslexic, extremely righteous ex-hippy. Let me tell you, having money is so much more fun than not having money.

What choice would you have to make today and keep on making to have money in your life even if your whole life and reality have to change?

And if you have money already, what will it take for it to be EASY and JOYFUL to have that money?

I am talking about more than just handling your money problems. I am talking about deeply changing all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies towards and around money. Everything you learned throughout your whole life and other life times too.

I thought that money was why people were destroying the earth and I was so resentful that I had to have it or even make it. And my finances reflected just that.

I was deep in debt with no hope of getting out.

Then it was pointed out to me by my amazing father that there was a difference between people who hated money and people who loved it.

I instantaneously wanted to reject what he was saying but I was so desperate financially and I had to do something. So I listened to what he had to say as I had watched him completely turn his financial reality around from being deeply in debt, in bankruptcy and unable to take the family even out to dinner; to having more money than anyone else I knew and in addition actually having fun and joy with money.

But the more I practiced being the energy of peace and ease of loving money the easier and easier it became to be it more and more.

Soon I started noticing that money was coming to me from all over the place.

And furthermore each time the money would come to me from wherever and however, there was a joy that began to emerge in response to the money. A glimmering joy deep in my belly and being.

Money has become my lover and friend. My greatest ally and tool for greater. Money come to me more please, I love you and lust for your presence. I receive you fully as the gift and possibility you are and will never blame others bad choices on you ever again.

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Is now the time to discover your reality with money and ACCESS the joy and peace that MONEY can BE?

I just got a whole new depth of receiving today.

Over Christmas, my husband and I had an interesting thing ‘happen’ where I was not allowed transit through New Zealand to go to Houston to spent the holiday with my family. Our tickets were on Air New Zealand =)

So we had a choice to scrap the trip or buy new tickets on the day of travel right before Christmas and as you all know if you have done any traveling during the holidays, the airlines put the prices right up.

We could only fly with Qantas, since it was direct. No stopping in New Zealand and the only tickets they had left were in business class for a combined total of $23,000 AUD =)!

As soon as the person at the desk told me $23,000 I had an instantaneous explosion of joy, then my mind kicked in. My mind said, ‘that’s way too much money’. Then my joy said ‘that’s AWESOME!’

Then my mind said ‘why is that awesome, it's way too much!’ And on and on and on.

I sat for a good 10 minutes just sort of going through the processes and in the end, the joy won! I just did it, all the while being so blissed out I felt like I was going to orgasm in my pants and had no idea why.

Fast forward to now, I am in Malaysia. I left on a 2-month trip from my summer home in Australia to the northern hemisphere (winter) for classes, creation, and fun. I packed all winter clothes and completely spaced that Malaysia is right on the equator and always hot.

I had two classes scheduled for Malaysia and woke up on the first morning in Kuala Lumper realizing I only had one outfit that I could work in for classes without sweating myself to death. I thought ‘jeez I need another outfit for working’. And that was the sum total of my thought about it.

My friend and host in Malaysia, Ryan Tee was taking me around today for some sightseeing, we visited the Batu Caves and did a bit of hiking then he took me to a super mall on the way home (if you know KL it’s the land of the super malls) to grocery shop.

On the way into the mall, I spotted one of my favorite clothing stores and was pulled right in. In a matter of literally 60 seconds, I had flitted around the shop and pulled out two dresses. I chose one and took it to the register to pay, no line of course and the beautiful, lovely woman behind the counter informed me this one was 50% off =). I would have happily paid full price and how does it get better?

I popped my credit card into the machine and the words on the screen started flashing RECEIVING, RECEIVING, RECEIVING. I thought ‘that’s cute’, then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! RECEIVING!!!!!

I had totally been misjudging that receiving was when stuff was coming my way when it was flowing towards me, not when I was flowing money or energy away from me like spending money on a new dress or buying $23,000 plane tickets.

But that had been what the bliss joy was when I purchased that airfare with total ease at Christmas and again here in this dress shop with the credit card machine flashing receiving at me.

I was choosing what worked for me, not making money the issue while using it and voila receiving. Receiving is about energy flowing in all directions, in and out. Not just about in, in, in. Receiving is like the ocean tides, in and out, swelling and retreating.

Created and influenced by the harmony of the infinite universe (I’m not even being airy-fairy about that one, it’s science!), not our minds which are far from harmonic or infinite.

Receiving is bigger than us like the ocean, it is ever giving and can totally terrify us.

Some of us dive deep and others look from the distant shore.

What are you unwilling to be, what are you unwilling to do that if you were willing to be it or do it would create so much money in your life you couldn’t stop yourself from having everything you desire?

It is so easy to see degrees of receiving reflected in our financial worlds. Every time we think or say we can’t afford something, receiving stops. Every way in which we limit our choices based on money is a demonstration of where and what we won’t receive.

What can money be when it is about receiving in all ways?

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Creating a life from ease Let me start this off a little weird… I have been going through the strangest changes.

They are not the kind of changes where I am like, “Yeah, I’m changing this is amazing!” They are like, “I feel weird, I don’t know what to do with myself and whatever I used to create from and be isn’t there anymore.”

In true humanoid fashion, I of course went into that I was wrong in some way. I had made the wrong choice or I had done something wrong.

And amongst all the wrongness and conclusion I was still in the question about what the heck was actually going on.

And then one day as I was laying on my sofa looking out at the ocean it came. I was totally at peace and nothing was wrong! I was so unaccustomed to being totally at peace and not having anything to handle or a fire to put out or a problem to solve with money, or health or relationship that I was totally put off by it. But alas, there I was, with no problems!

I got that I had created so much of my life up until that point from getting out of problem. Getting out of money problems, getting out of health problems, getting out of relationship problems, or getting out of being bored.

In brutal honesty, Talk To The Entities came about from needing to solve a money problem. Sure, I could have done any number of things to solve not having money and TTTE was making me money so I kept with it. And the more money I made from it the more it spurred me on to keep going with it.

Then came all the energies and life changes for me and others that TTTE created and then I not only got out of money problems but also was rewarded with all kinds of energies I had not even realized existed, that expanded and nourished my being and life.

Then TTTE grew up and moved out of the house to make its own way in the world and I thought, ‘Oh no, what am I going to do now? TTTE is all grown up and it doesn’t need me anymore. It doesn’t need me to support it all the time.’

Wasn’t that what I had been working towards all these years? TTTE being strong enough to stand up on its own and create in the world without me having to hold it together all the time and make sure it kept growing?

Then it was strong enough and instead of rejoicing at the accomplishment, I mourned the change. So fuck that! Thank you TTTE, thank you Access, thank you Gary, thank you TTTE Facilitators and thank you great spirits of the earth. Together we have launched this ship of spirit consciousness and it is sailing fast and smooth.

Not having something hard to work at was not an easy space for me. TTTE and Access had given me myself, immigrated me to Australia, helped me meet and marry the right and good man for me, bought me a BMW and a multimillion-dollar home and made me happier then I had ever realized was possible in all the years of being able to realize.

I had defeated and completely surpassed every problem or limitation that ever seemed real to me. I was shot out the other side totally taken care of, totally supported and I was freaking out about it.

As I lay on the sofa looking out to sea amongst this massive revelation, a soft essence became perceptible to me. It was so soft and light I could and had easily dismissed it in favor of more urgent and dense matters. The soft spoke to me in a language I did not understand but I realized this soft had been there with me from the beginning, it had never left me.

It had let me make choices that hurt me and were hard yet it never diminished in its own light and strength.

It was the soft and lightness of creating from true possibility, the opposite of creating out of problems. Creation from no force, no judgment, no effort… simply choice!!

I had heard about this mythical beast of choice for many years. That choice created but I had never actually gotten it until that very moment on the sofa looking out to sea. My life was all about choice now, not the problem life I had been acting out.

This is even a new frontier for me, so I will keep you posted from the frontier as the new world is forged. There is loads of space out here for those that choose!

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