When you have a communion with the earth a different reality can begin to occur.
– GARY DOUGLAS, founder of Access Consciousness

Your Body and the Earth

How aware are you of your body’s connection to the Earth?

How many of us eliminate our body’s sensitivity and connection to the Earth through thinking, as a way to avoid feeling and being aware of everything including what is going on on the planet?

Your body is a gift from the Earth.

Without the Earth, we would have no bodies, without our bodies the Earth thrives.

What if taking care of the Earth was not just about recycling or saving the whales? What if it was also enjoying your body totally! Judge your body and you are against the earth.

How many times have you been aware of things you would like to change on the planet and looked to what external action you can take in order to create the change?

What if you looked at what you and your body can be to transform what is occurring on our planet? Since your body is an organism of the earth, it is also a catalyst for transforming the earth and vice versa.

How many of the difficulties with your body are a result of not having a connection, a communion, and a willingness to have our bodies be a part of the Earth?

What if through being connected with the Earth you could create greater ease, space, healing, and generation for the planet?

Some tips for being more connected with your body and the earth:
- Don’t think so much. Thinking takes you right out of your body and in so doing disconnects from all earth energy.
- Judge your body less, or if possible not at all. Judgment is a surefire way of separating from the body.
- Prioritize your body more. How many hours per day do you dedicate to honoring your body, if any? Spend at least one hour per day dedicated to honoring your body, choosing what makes it feel good. And one whole day per week dedicated to it. I know it might ‘feel’ boring for your head and I assure you, you will start to feel the difference in your body exponentially.

Access Body Processes

Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of the phenomenal Access Body Processes in the Access 3 Day Body Class.

Run on the soles of the feet, this dynamic body process re-establishes our connection with the planet, allowing us to access the healing, allowance, and vitality that the planet can contribute to our bodies and that our bodies can contribute to the planet.

Please check out these Access Body Processes and how they can contribute to you having the joy of embodiment and a greater planet?

The Access Body Processes, created by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, invite you to change your relationship with your body, and as a consequence, everything in your life. These powerful and dynamic processes are not necessarily about healing and fixing the body, they are for accessing greater consciousness through the body.

What would be possible on our planet if everybody had the Access Body Processes available to them?

Welcome to the magical Access Consciousness Body Processes.



SEX THAT HEALSWhat if sex could heal your body, your partner's body and the planet?

What if sex could change our lives by facilitating consciousness?

What if that was what sex with a body was for?

Is that the kind of sex you would like to be having or does that scare the shit out of you?

How confusing and unrewarding has the area of sex been in your life?

Or has it been a fun area for you?

What if sex was designed to contribute massively to our lives, bodies, and the earth? Usually, this is not what it is used for.

Sex tends to be used for procreation, control, getting attention, being validated, or loved, sometimes to abuse and so on.

What has sex been in your world so far?

Has sex been a consciousness expanding and health-inducing experience? Or not really? Or not at all?

What if sexual energy has the key and power to transform even the deepest, stubbornest (made up word), yuckiest and weirdest limitations in your body and being? Would you be willing to have that?

What if different kinds of sex were prescribed for different life and body ailments? What if conscious sex could undo and change physical and physiological sicknesses?

Are you using sex to heal and change? Or are you using sex to destroy you and or others? Or are you refusing sex altogether?

Did you receive a sexual education? Or did you receive a don’t be sexual education?

What if your parents never hid sex, never made it wrong or strange? What if your parents were both sexually healthy? What if your parents celebrated the joy you would one day have with your body and there was no judgment? From you, from them, about your body or about bodies at all? And all the creepy feelings that brings up? Who do those belong to? Is that your sexual reality or someone else’s creepy sexual reality?

Of course, this would be a far cry from the world we know today BUT what if we did live in a sexually kind world? A sexually open and healthy world; a world that respected the power of sex and knew its magical, fun and transformational gifts.

So how do we have this magic sex world?

It’s easy if you are willing to do the work and receive the bliss!! 😉

Our bodies are perfectly designed for pleasure. They are made to provide pleasure, bliss, awareness, and energy that heals when needed. Do you allow pleasure in your body or avoid it?

Do you say ‘yes’ when the body has pleasure? Or are you ashamed, judgmental, controlling and wrong when there is body pleasure?

The first step to accessing greater sexual energy is to allow the body to have pleasure. Pleasure when sleeping, pleasure when showering, pleasure when sexing, pleasure when eating, pleasure when swimming, pleasure when moving or even standing still. Always pleasure, intense pleasure, subtle pleasure, exciting pleasure and the pleasure of relaxation. It’s about not blocking or judging that pleasure out of existence.

Once we say ‘yes’ to pleasure in all its forms without judgment, other gifts will start to come. The gift of happiness, of ease and joy. It’s natural. They naturally exist in abundance in the universe.

However, if happiness, ease, and joy are not of interest to you, sex will always be either for punishment or proving. Never for joy and fun.

Pleasure is natural, punishment is not natural.

It is accessing the pleasure, bliss, awareness, energy, and when needed, healing through the body that can lead to wonderful, profound energetic transformation and yummiest of all, consciousness! All from just playing with the body.

How much judgment do you use to separate from the nurturance your body and sex with bodies can be?

Nurturance feeds the body; judgment kills the body. How much nurturance of your body are you refusing based on the lies that sex is bad?

I postulate that it is the lack of interest in consciousness amongst the people of the planet that has slung sex into the terrible state it is in today. Yummy sex would elevate many to more consciousness or at the very least happiness.

Who would want a happy, yummy, healthy, great life and body when they could have a contracted, painful, sick, limited life and body? !!KIDDING!! Sort of 😉

So we arrive at a time that sex is vilified, heavily judged and it's many gifts are unfortunately lost in a sea of confusion and judgment.

Now we fantasize about the sex that would heal and change our lives, rather than have it.

Women fantasize about a man who will one day love her enough to make her ok, and men fantasize about a woman who will one day receive him enough to make him ok. What does it take for these fantasies to become a reality?

This is where the deep dive begins, a dive into some of the thickest, most insane, unconscious areas of our lives. This is where the claiming and owning begins, the claiming and owning of what works for us and our bodies. The claiming and owning of our realities and most profound of all, that claiming of RECEIVING; the most powerful sexual energy of all!

What can you receive with your body today that will change your sexual reality right away?

Have more sexual energy in your body right now as you are reading this.
Sense your body. Sense your genitals.
If there is tension, pain or any resistance, that’s ok. Begin here.
Begin by being ok with how your body is right now.
And relax, relax more and what might you find underneath?

You have got the gift for free, it's called life with a body. Now, don’t let life ruin it for you =))))

It’s hard to end this blog because I know how vast this area is, and how much is required for this to be a reality with ease.

So I pose a question to you, dear reader. What would you like to choose? Willingness for sexual energy without judgment? Or the world where you lose all natural pleasure?

To explore more about body and sex please enjoy these free and paid resources:

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How does sexual energy with bodies get any better than this?

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I grew up in yoga and Pilates studios.

I discovered yoga when I was 15 at my local YMCA (this was just before yoga got really popular in California) and I wondered why no one had ever told me about it?!? For the first time in this life time, my body was singing and I spent the next 10 years doing a deep dive into yoga and Pilates.

When I started yoga it was in a nondescript room with a bunch of older people. 
There weren’t any buddha statues or hot pink tights. The instructor was in her 50’s and there was a lot of grey hair in the room. But those grey haired people where doing 10 minute head stands and touching their for heads to their knees. They had clearly been in this nondescript room for a long time before me, and with them I discovered what my body could feel like through consciousness movement.

For the first time, I found out what my body could be, and I loved it.

I became an instructor in both yoga and Pilates. I had a 6am Ashtanga yoga practice (hard  ) 4 days a week, and taught Pilates all day long, 6 days a week. This went on for a while until my body just broke. Yoga and exercise had become a punishment, rather than the pure joy I first had with it.

Some where along the line it became about ‘fitness’ and to be honest a lot of judgment. So many body judgments. Not just mine but everyone else’s body judgments. Yoga became about how you looked and how awesome your pose was rather than really deeply exploring consciousness through the body, and all that that brings. Any ways, I got caught up in the southern California fitness insanity (yes I think the way people treat and view their bodies in California is insane. And of course not just California, but you know what i mean). And so I pushed my body rather than listening to my body. I judged it’s fat and lack of strength, rather than celebrating and enjoying it’s beauty, ability and sensations. One day, my shoulders just blew out. My body would no longer do chaturanga (where your body is in plank and you lower down by bending your arms). When I tried, it was excruciating, and so that was the beginning of my body giving me different information about how it wanted to be used.

It was also around this time that I was getting more and more committed to Access Consciousness®. Traveling to classes and facilitating my own classes. The owner of the Pilates studio I was working at took me aside and told me I needed to make a choice. I either needed to commit to my hours at the studio or to all the traveling I was doing. That was really a pivotal conversation for me, and I had to look at what I really wanted to choose. I had been falling in love more and more with Access and all that it could do, and how different my connections with the people I was doing Access with were, compared to the people I was doing yoga and Pilates with.

So I took a leap into the less predictable and started facilitating Access. And some how in this processes of hurting my shoulders and not finding the answer I was looking for through physical fitness, I just gave up on it. I stopped really moving my body and at first it was a relief. But eventually my body was not happy without movement. So I had to start a new by asking my body what kind of movement it wanted. And discovering what that was even when it didn’t match my points of view about what the right thing to do was. I explored Nia, Zummba, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Gyrotonics, and on and on and nothing ever felt right ALL the time.

Now I carry a yoga mat with me around the world to all my different Airbnb’s and hotels. I find a way to enjoy my body where I am and with the space, or weather, or environment, or the energy I have available at the time. Some times I just rock around on my back, some times I climb mountains, some times I have sex. Other times I do nothing for too long and my body screams at me to move and stretch and work.

My body gifts me joy through movement.

How does your body want to move today?

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5 tips to heal your body_blog_420Here are 5 miraculously easy things you can do with your body to start changing it today. The body has some secret weapons built in for change and health that we tend to overlook or completely forget about. Interestingly, they are free and natural!

I assure you; if you add even two out of the five actions to your life, your body will be different within only a few months.

In fact, many bodies become sick or sad from lacking these simple components.

Let’s see which of these you can add today to change your body right away?


Hugging, massage, cuddling, sex, tickling, holding a baby, you name it… bodies love to be touched.

One of the most healing things we can do for our bodies is to be touched with kindness, presence and nurturing (unless you are autistic, then this may not apply to you). Are you getting enough touch?

So many of us are lacking this in adulthood and often the only time we might be touched is in a sexual encounter which might be far from kind or nurturing.

We even live in a world where touching is often considered inappropriate. We brush up against a stranger and we say "sorry", not "hello". Of course there are those who abuse others with touch and this is where touching gets a bad wrap.

Touch is free to us all and an easy thing we can do today to heal our bodies right away. Some of you might even notice that when you receive nurturing touch your body begins to detox emotionally or energetically. This is due to the powerful healing properties of touch. If the body is starved of touch it can create imbalance and sickness just like being starved of food nourishment.

The effects of food (or lack of food) on the body are mostly common knowledge but there is little, if any, common knowledge about the effect of touch (or lack of touch) on the body.

Touching is powerful, it can bring up strong emotions, strong relief and strong change.

How can you add more healing touch to your life today?


Laughter changes more than tears. Laughter is one of the ways that bodies shift and transform energies.

Laughter is one of the most powerful ways of toning, invigorating, enlivening and transforming the body,

Remember the last time you had a really good laugh? How happy did your body feel afterwards?

When we laugh we begin to transform energy. All circumstances in our lives are created by energy first and foremost. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, consciousness or unconsciousness form the energy into our present realities and bodies. Energy is the first language, the fabric of the universe and the building blocks ( road blocks) for our lives.

Energy is free and abundant yet we tend to lose the big easy picture in favour of stuff we create in our minds; which, FYI, has nothing to do with your body.

In fact, too much time in your mind will lead to problems in the body. Laughter connects your body and being.

Laughter is one of the bodies built-in superpowers. It is for the facilitation of energy. Who knew creating one’s life could be so funny?

Laughter is powerful, it is creative and it can change your body and the world.

Imagine if people laughed with half as much intensity as they chose sadness or anger.


What movement has your body been asking for?

Now, I don’t mean hitting the pavement or sweating till you drop, although it could mean hitting the pavement and sweating till you drop if that’s what works for your body.

I am talking about movement, not exercise. I must confess I am one of those people who loves to move and exercise but I am not one of those people who thinks all people need to exercise and that exercise is the answer.

When we are talking about healing and changing bodies, we cannot overlook movement as a facilitator of body energy.

Bodies are made to move, in fact bodies are designed to balance themselves hormonally and neurologically is through movement.

What movement would your body like today?

Does your body like to do the same movement every day or does it change?

If you had no inhibition or point of view about your body and just let you body take the lead, how would it move?

I spent many years as a Pilates instructor and with a dedicated yoga practice so I learned many many ‘routines’ for movement. I would do the same yoga practice (Ashanta) four times a week and ride my bike over to the Pilates studio to train people 6 hours a day and, of course, fit my own Pilates work out in.

That’s all very right isn’t it? Wasn’t this supposed to be the answer to a perfect body? Never mind that my body was exhausted and in pain all the time...

One day my body just simply refused to do Ashanta anymore by blowing out both bicep tendons; and that was that.

Pilates, which had once been ecstasy for my body, started feeling contractive and monotonous.

So I had to start discovering what other forms of movement my body desired.
I found it difficult at first to find what honoured my body, movement-wise. I found myself influenced by other peoples’ points of view about what was right for my body.

Over time I began recognizing my body's signs and began to discover a whole new world of sensation and body-creation through movement that I would have dismissed or overlooked in the past in favour of something more intense.

Sometimes my body wanted to do something that I would previously have considered not enough or strange; like swaying back and forth or even just having quick or not quick sex.

Many of us are misled by the ‘right’ way to exercise as though there is a right way for all bodies. Every body is different and every day our bodies are different. What worked for your body yesterday may not be what works for it today.

What movement has your body been asking for? Now choose it.

Listening to Your Body:

Are you aware that your body is talking to you all the time?

It is talking to you with energy, sensations, responses and information constantly. In fact, it is communicating with you about all sorts of things.

It’s giving you information about your own body but also other people’s bodies, even the environment and the earth.

If you ask and listen, our bodies will give us information about the sort of food they want or don’t want to eat. The sort of people they want to have sex with or not. It will tell you the sort of clothes it wants or doesn’t want to wear, and so on.

How often are you present with your body?

What I mean by presence is the willingness to pay attention to your body.

Do you spend any part of your day dedicated to being aware of your body?

Is there a time in the morning that you sit or lay and breathe and allow yourself to sense your body?

Is there any time of your life that you prioritise being present with your body like you would with a spouse, child or job?

When your body starts talking with pleasurable or painful sensation do you listen to it? Or do you ignore or even aim to repress the sensation?

Do you dedicate the majority of your days to communicating, working with and being present with your body, or the opposite?

Is being present with and listening to your body a waste of time?

What could and would, being present and listening to your body change in your life?

What gift can your body be and are you receiving it?

Access Body Processes:

This one could go in the touching category yet it is such a unique aspect of body awareness and change that it deserves a category of it’s own.

The Access Consciousness ® hands-on body processes facilitate change and greater health by accessing the consciousness of the body and clearing that which we have impelled, imposed and or implanted in the body that creates disease, disconnection and body problems (simply put).

The Access body processes are the miracle we have all been looking for that give you access to your body. They are simple hands-on processes that can facilitate profound change not just in your body, but your life.

The body is a key to your life; the more you are connected to your body the better your whole life will be.

Can you imagine what access to your body is and what it could and would create? The body has gotten such a bad wrap for so long that we have essentially quarantined ourselves from receiving from our bodies and working with them in life.

Can you imagine your body being your best friend and most cherished possession?






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Body awareFor most of my life I can recall having pain and tension in my stomach. It had always been there, cramping and hurting me.

Supressing my body's awareness

As I got older I started using drugs and then alcohol to get away from the pain. This went on for a lot of years and when I could no longer get away from the stomach pain I sought other answers. The furthest I could get with those answers, was that I must diet. So I would change what I ate and still the pain persisted. I then thought I must be eliminating the wrong foods or not eating the right foods or not doing the right exercise. I went on every and any diet you could imagine. I tried every alternative thing I could find.

I tried homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, fasting, juicing, cleansing, parasite cleansing, yoga, Pilates, running, reiki, massage, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetation, you name it, I did it in spades. But even with occasional reprieve, the pain and tension would inevitably return.

Who does This Belong To?

Meanwhile I had also been learning about the idea of ‘who does this belong to?’. Which is basically the awareness that you are aware and picking up on everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions like a psychic sponge. I started practicing asking, who does this belong to, for every thought, feeling and emotion I had with incredible results. As soon as I asked the question, if it wasn’t mine it totally lightened up.

Yet the stomach pain persisted and persisted. It would lighten up slightly and come back full throttle whereas I was having huge success with ‘who does it belong to’ regarding feeling and emotions.

Discovering Awareness

Fast forward, to a holiday in Australia in 2011.
I awoke one morning before the sun due to jet lag. I was standing in the kitchen at first light and all the sudden a pain came into my stomach. This was the first time I really noticed it not being there and then all of a sudden it was there! It was so black and white that I could not brush it out of my awareness. So I asked quietly in my head “who’s is this?”.
Then I heard faintly two mens voices talking down the road. As soon as my attention went to these men the pain in my stomach completely disappeared.

And then I got it! Wow this was my body telling me about what was going on with these men and their density. My body had been communicating this information to me all of my life about different bodies and people and I had never made the connection that it was my body giving me information. This was the first time I got the depth of awareness my body really had and how lightning quick it was.

In addition to getting for the first time how dynamic and quick my bodies awareness was, I started getting how intense all this awareness was. I had to really be present and relax as I sensed what was going on for these men down the road who I didn’t even know.

If I took my attention off of them my stomach began to cramp, if I kept my attention present with them just being there listening to their faint voices, my stomach pain would soften. Allowing myself to be aware of them, I could sense how angry one of the men was. There was no logical explication for this I just started knowing what was going on with these men in ways they probably didn’t even acknowledge for themselves.

After a few minutes of being intensely present with my body and the men down the street the energy began to dissipate and my stomach was completely free.

Acknowledging My Body's Awareness

The awareness my body was giving me in its stomach didn’t stop after that but this was the beginning of practicing honouring my bodies awareness and thanking it for the info rather than mistaking it as mine and dreading it without end.

Acknowledgment of my body’s awareness completely transformed the way I lived my life. I became pro-active about acknowledging awareness rather than seeking the ever-escape of awareness I had practised for so much of my life previously.

As soon as my stomach started hurting I had to start looking at what my body was telling me and let me tell you what! The level of upset, anger, force and judgment that I began to have to acknowledge in people’s spaces was astronomical. It was almost unbelievable to me. Yet the more I acknowledged it and was in allowance of it the less and less my stomach hurt.

There is so much we are aware of yet how many of us are taught how to deal with it other than to shut off from it in whatever way we can. This ‘shut off’ however does have side effects, like my tummy hurting for example.

I won’t lie, as I began to practice acknowledging awareness it was not easy, but like with all things the more I did it the easier and better at it I got.

Is there anything going on in your body that might be your awareness of the world around you?

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Magic bodiesBody born happy and over the next 15 years taking body completely for granted never realizing or acknowledging that the energy, health and ease it had was a gift that would only be sorely missed once gone.

Years 15 to 25 spent subjecting my body to all sorts of abuses from drugs, alcohol and over/under eating to bad sex and massive self judgment.

By age 26 I had been doing so many Access Body Processes that my body simply took over and started forcing me to listen to it. I would love to say that in my own good sound mind I chose to listen to my body but no. It was my body’s voice that became so loud that I could no longer disregard and ignore it.

I then had to make a real choice, did I want this body? If I could not ignore it anymore, did I want to deal with it? The consciousness and voice the body processes had given my body was forcing me to choose something I had not been willing to look at. The fact that I actually had this body that was not what I had ever realized it was.

I begin to realize my body was a great gift of living that was designed for pleasure, joy, awareness, creation and consciousness. Was I willing to have this? For if I was willing to have this I would have to start not only discovering my body’s mysteries and true gifts but also fully receive them. I had been pushing them aside and assigning labels of pain or discomfort to them. Shaming my body’s ways and consciousness and resisting ever really succumbing to them. Strangest of all, I didn’t even know why.

Through receiving loads and loads of the Access body work and of course making other choices for my body (like choosing the right lovers for my body) a different body reality began to emerge. My body glowed and any and all aches, pains and sickness had to be seen as my bodies awareness of something, not actual problems.

Will my body live forever? We’ll have to see. Will I never have an ache, pain or sickness ever again? Probably not. My progress at this point is that my body is happy, for real. And when I do something that infringes on that happiness my body tells me in no uncertain terms who the boss is.

Join me in the magic the body can be and use the Access Body Processes to get there.

What if the whole point of life was to have the greatness of embodiment?

Are you living? 

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Who Wants a Body Anyway'sBodies, Who Wants One Anyways?

Well at least that’s what I used to think. Bodies can be such an interesting topic and one wrought with so many issues.  It wasn’t even until my literally 10th year doing Access Consciousness®, that I started to begin to even realize what a body was really for.  It’s for ENJOYING life on earth. But how often is that what people truly do or choose with their bodies?

For years I would hear my stepfather Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, say “You don’t truly have a choice about reincarnation until you totally have the greatness of embodiment”.  I would wonder and wonder, what is the greatness of embodiment?

Up until that point I had not had so much fun with my body.  I hardly ever appreciated it.  You know when you look at pictures of you in the past and your like “Wow I looked so much better than I thought I did back then” and then you make the choice to appreciate your body now so you don’t miss out on how awesome it must be only you don’t quite feel that way about your body anyways?

And then there is all the pain.  It was not until attending and facilitating my own Access 3 Day Body Classes that I even began to get that the body was a fun thing to have.  It was the Access Hands-On Body Processes that began to give me a connection and joy with my body that I had never realised was possible.

I began to really get how aware my body was, and is, and that all the “pain” I was experiencing in my body was not my body’s.  It was my body’s awareness of other bodies, including the Earth.  I then began to ask, “Do I even want to be aware of how aware my body is”?

It seemed like every time I walked down the street the intensity of awareness my body and being were having were too much for me. So then I would “try” to shut off the awareness by avoiding being around people, by over eating, by putting barriers up to my and my bodies awareness, and of course, this ended up hurting even more. So one day I just said “to hell with it! I will give awareness a chance to show me another possibility. There has to be something else, there has to be.”  Then, bit-by-bit, my body started getting happy.  I was still aware of all the pain and suffering in all the bodies around me, but it didn’t have the impact it once did.  I began sensing an explosive, ecstatic pleasure emerging from my stomach where before I had only had blocks and density.

I continued using the Access Body Processes and choosing to have a body (Oh! Did I mention choosing to actually have a body helps your body be happy?)  and I realised how much energy I had been using against my body’s joy.  I realised this was a behaviour I was taught by basically everyone else with a body. Nearly everyone on earth above the age of 12 deliberately limits the pleasure and joy their bodies have. Crazy!

What would our world be like if everyone was walking around enjoying their bodies, loving and caring for their bodies rather then judging and punishing them out of existence? What a totally different world!

What kind of world would you like to live in with your beautiful body?

What would a world where we honoured and regarded our body’s intelligence and awareness be like?

What would a world where bodies were honoured full stop be like?

I dare you to find out…………………………

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Secret Confessions of My BodyI have a secret confession to make.

I love my body! Why is this a secret you might ask?

I was, up until somewhat recently, quite ashamed of my body and not caring for it at all. I was hugely resistant to even having a body let alone loving my body. When I say body love I mean the kind of loving where you feel like your body is a sexual organ in every walk of life and you honor it totally. The kind of body love that attracts lust and pleasure, the kind of body love that heals and changes the world!

Through deep exploration and seeking consciousness in every area of my life, I discovered how much body shut down and judgment I had hidden away and functioned from.

So hidden that I didn’t even realize it was there, I just lived totally at the effect of it.

When someone would admire or care for my body I would slightly or not so slightly reject it rather than receive it while at the same time desperately desiring to be admired. Crazy.

When I married my husband I found a man who would love me beyond all my limitations and all the body rejection and wrongness. All of the judgments and energies I had been secretly hiding away all of a sudden became unavoidably evident.

When this happened, my body would turn on and become more energetic and beautiful and I struggled with the resistance and desire. I didn’t want to have a bitch fight with the women on the planet nor be eye-raped by the men. So my best choice was to just shut off the body so as not to elicit any difficult situations.

I noticed every time my husband would just want to touch and hold me I could find a million reasons for why I didn’t want it.

It was too hot, I was to full, he smelled bad, it was inappropriate in public, it wasn’t the right time and so on and so on.

But when I really looked deeper at what I was choosing I found that what I was really doing was preventing my husband from setting my body free.

From turning my body on beyond where I could control it and giving me access to all the energy, bliss, pleasure, caring and power that my body processed.

So I had two choices. I could reject that which was bringing to light all that had been so unconsciously hidden away for how many lifetimes, that was creating pain in my body? Or I could bite the metaphorical bullet and see what life was like stripped bare of my body shame, wrongness and defence.

What I discovered was these ANTI-body judgments and programs hidden away in my world making me reject having my beautiful, kind, tolerant and ever giving body.

The ANTI-body judgment that bodies were shameful, gross and that most of all my body was untouchable and even deeper these blocks to orgasm and pleasure that had no logic or thought to them, they just popped up whenever my body was about to be too happy or too full of pleasure and stopped the whole party.

Every time I wanted to look at where these limitations were coming from it was a minefield of confusion and emotions that usually ended with me creating separation and shutting people out from loving me, caring for my body or helping me at all.

The truly sad part of this is that it’s not an uncommon phenomenon, this is a somewhat universally shared behavior and reality by many women and even men.

So how does one move beyond seemingly impossible body judgment and disconnection?

!!Enter the Access Consciousness Body Tools!!

And let me tell you, even if you have enjoyed your body up until this point you have felt nothing until you gain the kind of access to your body these body tools and processes create.

Seemingly impossible difficulties with the body disappear and a lightness, joy and caring emerge.

One of the primary things I have been listening to my father (Founder of Access Consciousness) say for many years was, ‘Life was about getting the greatness of embodiment.’ I had no clue what he meant by that until I started to gain these inroads of access to my body.

And I don’t just mean my tangible body, with skin and organs, you know ‘that body’. I mean the whole zone of awareness I embody, including the earth and all of its creatures. I started to get how aware my body was and how much of that awareness I had mistook as my body’s stuff. I would pick up on other people’s body judgments and take them home with me and own them totally.

When I started asking ‘Who does this belong to?’ it was mind blowing how much my body was picking up on that I was not acknowledging as awareness.

I had totally misunderstood my bodies way.

My body was telling me stuff with all the pain and feelings it was having, I was just misinterpreting it.

Bit by bit my willingness to have my body grew and all the lifetimes of sexual and physical wrongness, let down, betrayal, shut down, abuse, you name it started to unravel and what I found beyond that was a happy body that was so giving, so full of joy and so pleasurable that it almost felt wrong. NO WAIT!!! That’s the judgment I was talking about =))))))

So when is the time for body love and reverence not body judgment and criticism?

What if we could change the world with the way we embody? What if a truly happy body can change the world?

What gift is your body desiring to give you that you can receive now? Even if it’s naughty =)


Clearing the Holocaust Survivors from my BodyJust because you want to clear them doesn’t mean it’s time to clear them.

After (I don’t know how many years!) of facilitating Talk To The Entities® I finally was able to clear some very sticky entities from my body only a few nights ago!

I knew for years that I had Holocaust survivors (obviously they didn’t survive) attached to my body or in my world in some way and no matter what I did (and I know a LOT) I just couldn’t get them to go.

About 3 weeks ago I chose to start a cleansing diet to support my body in changing some stuff going on with it. It was all going great, uncomfortable at times and I knew it was all par for the course.

I started a veggie soup fast, just for 2 days to help my system have a break and reset. On the night of the first day, all hell broke loose!

I started becoming border-line hysterical, telling my husband, “I just didn’t care,” and “I am going to have a more substantial meal.” Mind you, he was not stopping me, he had nothing to do with my choices at all but for some reason, I was making him the perpetrator of me not being allowed to eat.

I stormed into the kitchen and started making myself pasta and wouldn’t you know, 10 min after putting the pasta in the water it would not cook. It turned into a gluey and starchy mess. Then I snapped.

I stormed downstairs and started thinking, ‘I’m going to starve to death!’ When I heard myself think this I knew there was something up other than hunger. I knew I was not starving to death, not even close, in fact, if I was being honest, my body was not actually hungry at all.

This hysteria and thoughts of starvation were so familiar to me. They had been there all my life, lurking under the surface and terrifying me from getting too hungry. If I got too hungry or was denied a meal for whatever reason I would have to overeat to make sure that the feeling went away. Needless to say, I have struggled with weight for all of my teen and adult life.

Fast forward to the veggie soup fast. As soon as this hysteria of starving to death came up I knew something was up so I started POD/POCing myself and clearing entities and it just wasn’t working. So I called my husband (he’s also an Access & TTTE Facilitator) and told him I was flipping out and asked if he could help me.

As soon as he asked if there were any entities there I wanted to rip his head off.. so I knew we were on the right track. After about 3 minutes of clearing it was all done. All the Holocaust survivors were gone at last! After years of ‘trying’ to clear them, it was finally time!

I had finally created and chosen enough consciousness with my body that I could let these guys go. I had sworn to take care of them and one of them, in particular, was very insistent that I EAT! Very Jewish mother type.

The cleansing diet was not just helping me detox toxins, it was allowing me to gain access to all the energies, and in this case, entities that I usually put food on top of to not feel. Whenever the sense of hunger would come into my body even a little these Holocaust survivors would start flipping out.

The depth of my commitment to them and the depth of their discombobulation created a recipe for no change until I had asked enough questions about my body and ran enough Access Body Processes. Only then did the change became choose-able.

There can be so many things at play with entities and people, so many lifetimes of commitments and other solidifying choices. So much unconsciousness, so much lack of real tools and assistance that works. And even when one does have the most dynamic tools and assistance possible you can only get it when you get it.

So, to all of you who know you are dealing with entity stuff and either have given up on changing it or run around in circles, please don’t give up. Sometimes we need to get through whatever we need to get through to get there. If you keep asking and choosing, you will change everything, even the most ‘impossible’.

I am happy to report that I have spent the last 3 days letting myself be ‘hungry’ for at least a little bit each day and the coast is clear. No hysteria, no paranoia eating, no Holocaust survivors!

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