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Why I started Talk To The Entities







It is always sort of embarrassing to admit that I did not start Talk to the Entities from the place of thinking ghosts were cool or interesting or that me talking to them was special or great in any way.

I was not one of those people who found it fascinating and nor was I particularly drawn to it. Rather TTTE was created from desperation and necessity. I could either try and hide from my awareness of ghosts through super shut down or drugs or killing myself (I know it sounds dramatic but people who are entity sensitive will know exactly what I mean) or deal with it.

And so TTTE is the result of me dealing with it. In fact, TTTE’s tag line could be Talk to The Entities, Deal with It!

In the early days before I knew I had to choose to deal with it the impact that my entity awareness had on my life was nearly catastrophic. I would have paralysing social paranoia (we all know where that would have lead….schizo) and deep dark depressions. And even when I did acknowledge it was entities or even that they were around it was not always enough to handle it. I had to really learn how to deal with all the different aspects of what entities required. Clearing, communicating and receiving.

And it was when I discovered this receiving part that things really started to get fun. Up until then I saw dealing with entities as just that, dealing with them. Having to handle them in my daily life just so I could actually have a life without losing myself.

It was the receiving element that really put the fuel in the tank so to speak, lit my fire, exploded the universe with possibilities and showed me a profound world I had not realized, imaged or ever dreamt could exist.

It was when I began to receive from the spirits that TTTE started to take form. At first just with ideas. Then lead by people’s questions stuff started coming out of my mouth that was transforming not only the people in front of me but the spirits around them as well.

The effects of transformation and expansion that the little bit I was willing to address with people was creating was off the charts. And the personal resonance going on within me was akin to having all my insides and my life cuddled, squeezed, warmed, pounded and set on fire with joy.

The more I could sustain the immense receiving from these great being of light the more dynamic my whole life became. Economically, joyfully, health wise and a deep well of unfathomable knowing began establishing itself in my being. I felt like Noah and his ark, hearing the call and knowing with out a doubt what needed to be done no matter how challenging.

I tried to quit so many times along the way. It was all too hard, people were judging me, no-one was getting it. Lucky for all of us, TTTE would not leave me alone and the great beings who helped me form what TTTE is today are some of the greatest gifts and friends of my life.

What is calling to you for creation and who is waiting for you to receive?

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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