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Sex that Heals







What if sex could heal your body, your partner’s body and the planet?

What if sex could change our lives by facilitating consciousness?

What if that was what sex with a body was for?

Is that the kind of sex you would like to be having or does that scare the shit out of you?

How confusing and unrewarding has the area of sex been in your life?

Or has it been a fun area for you?

What if sex was designed to contribute massively to our lives, bodies, and the earth? Usually, this is not what it is used for.

Sex tends to be used for procreation, control, getting attention, being validated, or loved, sometimes to abuse and so on.

What has sex been in your world so far?

Has sex been a consciousness expanding and health-inducing experience? Or not really? Or not at all?

What if sexual energy has the key and power to transform even the deepest, stubbornest (made up word), yuckiest and weirdest limitations in your body and being? Would you be willing to have that?

What if different kinds of sex were prescribed for different life and body ailments? What if conscious sex could undo and change physical and physiological sicknesses?

Are you using sex to heal and change? Or are you using sex to destroy you and or others? Or are you refusing sex altogether?

Did you receive a sexual education? Or did you receive a don’t be sexual education?

What if your parents never hid sex, never made it wrong or strange? What if your parents were both sexually healthy? What if your parents celebrated the joy you would one day have with your body and there was no judgment? From you, from them, about your body or about bodies at all? And all the creepy feelings that brings up? Who do those belong to? Is that your sexual reality or someone else’s creepy sexual reality?

Of course, this would be a far cry from the world we know today BUT what if we did live in a sexually kind world? A sexually open and healthy world; a world that respected the power of sex and knew its magical, fun and transformational gifts.

So how do we have this magic sex world?

It’s easy if you are willing to do the work and receive the bliss!! 😉

Our bodies are perfectly designed for pleasure. They are made to provide pleasure, bliss, awareness, and energy that heals when needed. Do you allow pleasure in your body or avoid it?

Do you say ‘yes’ when the body has pleasure? Or are you ashamed, judgmental, controlling and wrong when there is body pleasure?

The first step to accessing greater sexual energy is to allow the body to have pleasure. Pleasure when sleeping, pleasure when showering, pleasure when sexing, pleasure when eating, pleasure when swimming, pleasure when moving or even standing still. Always pleasure, intense pleasure, subtle pleasure, exciting pleasure and the pleasure of relaxation. It’s about not blocking or judging that pleasure out of existence.

Once we say ‘yes’ to pleasure in all its forms without judgment, other gifts will start to come. The gift of happiness, of ease and joy. It’s natural. They naturally exist in abundance in the universe.

However, if happiness, ease, and joy are not of interest to you, sex will always be either for punishment or proving. Never for joy and fun.

Pleasure is natural, punishment is not natural.

It is accessing the pleasure, bliss, awareness, energy, and when needed, healing through the body that can lead to wonderful, profound energetic transformation and yummiest of all, consciousness! All from just playing with the body.

How much judgment do you use to separate from the nurturance your body and sex with bodies can be?

Nurturance feeds the body; judgment kills the body. How much nurturance of your body are you refusing based on the lies that sex is bad?

I postulate that it is the lack of interest in consciousness amongst the people of the planet that has slung sex into the terrible state it is in today. Yummy sex would elevate many to more consciousness or at the very least happiness.

Who would want a happy, yummy, healthy, great life and body when they could have a contracted, painful, sick, limited life and body? !!KIDDING!! Sort of 😉

So we arrive at a time that sex is vilified, heavily judged and it’s many gifts are unfortunately lost in a sea of confusion and judgment.

Now we fantasize about the sex that would heal and change our lives, rather than have it.

Women fantasize about a man who will one day love her enough to make her ok, and men fantasize about a woman who will one day receive him enough to make him ok. What does it take for these fantasies to become a reality?

This is where the deep dive begins, a dive into some of the thickest, most insane, unconscious areas of our lives. This is where the claiming and owning begins, the claiming and owning of what works for us and our bodies. The claiming and owning of our realities and most profound of all, that claiming of RECEIVING; the most powerful sexual energy of all!

What can you receive with your body today that will change your sexual reality right away?

Have more sexual energy in your body right now as you are reading this.
Sense your body. Sense your genitals.
If there is tension, pain or any resistance, that’s ok. Begin here.
Begin by being ok with how your body is right now.
And relax, relax more and what might you find underneath?

You have got the gift for free, it’s called life with a body. Now, don’t let life ruin it for you =))))

It’s hard to end this blog because I know how vast this area is, and how much is required for this to be a reality with ease.

So I pose a question to you, dear reader. What would you like to choose? Willingness for sexual energy without judgment? Or the world where you lose all natural pleasure?

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How does sexual energy with bodies get any better than this?

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