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Peace with Money







I did not grow up in a household that had peace with money. How about you?

My first education with money from a very early age was that of stress, conflict and upset. So I thought this is what money should feel like in my life.

Throughout my twenties, I had tons of stress, conflict, upset and debt with money. And I’m sure my life and money situation would have kept on going like this if it had not been for the massive shift that my stepfather (Gary Douglas, creator of Access Consciousness®) made in his own financial world and subsequently empowered me to choose as well.

Growing up, my mom and Gary had endless financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy multiple times.

When I was 20, they divorced and in the following years Gary completely turned his financial world around and today runs a multimillion-dollar, international consciousness facilitation business.

It was watching him change his money world that started to show me what was possible.

I had so much pain around money I started asking him for help, and that began a massive transformation of my universe that has lead to me also running my own multimillion-dollar, international consciousness facilitation business. It’s like a mini version of my dad’s, but still formidable.

The beginning of my financial peace all started with this one question: Do you love or hate money?

When he first asked me this I said: ‘I love money of course.’ And he said: ‘Then why don’t you have any?’ And to this, I had no answer.

So I started looking at what was going on in my world around money. And I did start to notice that I had an undeniable resentment towards money most of the time. I resented that it even existed and that I had to use it. I found a million reasons for why money was wrong and bad. And then I had to admit to myself, I did hate money. And that was the moment my money world started to turn around.

So I asked my dad how to change this and he said: ‘Start duplicating the energy of people who love money’. So I started looking around at people’s realities, feelings, universes and energy around money and what I saw mostly was not ease. Most of the people I knew hated money and had a lot of trouble with it.

However, I was fortunate enough to have two people in my life who did have an energy of peace and love with money (they also not coincidentally had more money than anyone else I knew). I started duplicating the energy they had with money. Sort of like the way you learn dance moves by copying and repeating until you get the dance move into your body. But instead of dance moves, it’s energy you are copying and practicing.

At first, it felt gross and so strange, I didn’t really like it. I could only duplicate it for about 5 seconds and then I went back to my ‘normal and comfortable’ energy with money. But over time I was able to sustain the energy of peace with money. Not the idea of peace with money but literally the energy of it. I started being a different energy with money, rather than hating money, literally.

Any time I started going into strain or upset with money I stopped it (some times I had to force myself) and prioritized peace and ease with money in my world. Instead of going into upset I would be ease.

I know this might sound foreign or not really valid and you might ask ‘but how do you do that?’ The thing is, you choose how you feel and react to every situation in life. It’s where we put our attention and energy that dictates how things show up for us.

I stopped making bad feelings with money relevant and real. I just stopped. And replaced them with gratitude and joy. And I made the demand of myself that no matter what it took I would have peace with money. Rather than let money and my ‘feelings’ around money dictate how I felt in life.

If I had money, I was at peace. If I had no money, I chose to be at peace.

Because after all, money doesn’t make me happy. I do.

Are you looking to discover greater consciousness, ease, and peace with Money? Discover more with Shannon here.

Is now the time to discover your reality with money and ACCESS the joy and peace that MONEY can BE?

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