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On the Road with Shannon: Saabrücken Germany







Of all the lands I have seen there is a very common constant, ghosts. There is no place without spirits, if there were I would have found it by now. There are some places with less and others with more, but every place has them.
Some of these On the Road videos are my interactions, experiences and anecdotes about my real life with entities on the road. The other videos have nothing to do with entities but everything to do with living a life of awareness and what that looks like, is like and can be.

What if our lives were an obstacle course for greater awareness? Every obstruction in our path a possibility for greater awareness? Every downfall or problem, our own way of getting ourselves to step up, choose and change? What if nothing is an accident or a mistake? What if we have designed and chosen our lives to create more consciousness and we ourselves have forgotten the code we once wrote? What is right about our lives that we may be making wrong?
What if we gained greater awareness through all of life’s ups and downs and how radically different would our lives be if we did not judge or mistake the obstacles in our paths rather received and worked with them to achieve greater awareness?

So you may ask, how exactly do we receive and work with what we usually make wrong in lives?
Watch and find out……………

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