Years 15 to 25 spent subjecting my body to all sorts of abuses from drugs, alcohol, and over/under eating to bad sex and massive self-judgment.

By age 26 I had been doing so many Access Body Processes that my body simply took over and started forcing me to listen to it. I would love to say that in my own good sound mind I chose to listen to my body but no. It was my body’s voice that became so loud that I could no longer disregard and ignore it.

I then had to make a real choice, did I want this body? If I could not ignore it anymore, did I want to deal with it? The consciousness and voice the body processes had given my body was forcing me to choose something I had not been willing to look at. The fact that I actually had this body that was not what I had ever realized it was.

I begin to realize my body was a great gift of living that was designed for pleasure, joy, awareness, creation and consciousness. Was I willing to have this? For if I was willing to have this I would have to start not only discovering my body’s mysteries and true gifts but also fully receive them. I had been pushing them aside and assigning labels of pain or discomfort to them. Shaming my body’s ways and consciousness and resisting ever really succumbing to them. Strangest of all, I didn’t even know why.

Through receiving loads and loads of the Access bodywork and of course making other choices for my body (like choosing the right lovers for my body) a different body reality began to emerge. My body glowed and any and all aches, pains, and sickness had to be seen as my body’s awareness of something, not actual problems.

Will my body live forever? We’ll have to see. Will I never have an ache, pain or sickness ever again? Probably not. My progress at this point is that my body is happy, for real. And when I do something that infringes on that happiness my body tells me in no uncertain terms who the boss is.

Join me in the magic the body can be and use the Access Body Processes to get there.

What if the whole point of life was to have the greatness of embodiment?

Are you living? 

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