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The Economy of Consciousness – an Introduction







The economy of consciousness starts with you. It is wise to know that you are a gift and through that gift you will receive all the wealth of the universe.

There are two economies occurring around us all the time. The economy of this reality and the economy of consciousness. It is your choice that gains you access to one or the other.

The economy of this reality is based on need, use, lack, transaction, give, take, win, loss and control.

The economy of consciousness is based on infinite possibilities and that you are an infinite being. As soon as you believe in loss, let alone the other cornerstones of the economy of this reality you give up being in favor of what is not true.

Can an infinite being ever win, lose, lack or need?

When you participate in the economy of consciousness your choices include ALL and are generative for ALL. A kingdom of WE rather than a kingdom of ME.

Where do you tend to choose from? What else is possible?

How can you gain control of your economic situation? How can you increase your finances? How can you achieve financial autonomy or even become rich?

The economy of this reality is not the fault of money, money is not the problem. The economy of this reality is rooted in concepts. Some of the concepts that hinder or completely prevent most from accessing the infinite abundance of the economy of consciousness are: Lack, Loss, Risk, Alone, Need, Limit, Can’t, Fitting In, Value and Fairness, Need, Use, Transaction, Give, Take, Win and Control.

LACK: Can an infinite being lack?

LOSS: Can an infinite being lose anything?

RISK: What is risk? The pretence that you are not aware of everything. The only place where risk can exist is when you are unconscious.

ALONE: Can an infinite being be alone?

NEED: Does an infinite being need anything or can they choose anything?

USE: Use can only occur when you are not receiving. When you receive you gift simultaneously.

TRANSACTION / GIVE / TAKE: Transaction is the breeding ground for use, abuse, lack and need. It is the give and take universe. “I gave you this now what can I take from you?” Is there a transaction in nature or does nature simultaneously gift and receive in all directions? What do you have to make real and true for transaction to exist for you?

WIN: Can an infinite being win or lose?

CONTROL: The greatest lie of all. Control is actually not possible. Even if you think you are successfully controlling, you are not. Even if you believe you are being controlled, you are not. Everyone is choosing.

These concepts infect and disrupt the organism that is interconnected with everything and has all possibilities to choose. This organism being you, the infinite being. When you believe in the concepts listed above you are choosing a particular reality. It’s not happening to you, you are a willing participant.

These are concepts and not reality because only man can believe in them. They don’t grow under the sun, they grow in the mind like an infection.

The journey of the conscious economist is to become immune to the seductive infection of this reality’s ideas and bath reverently in the infinite, unpredictable and abundant possibilities all around us, all of the time.

It’s a path of personal growth, where changing perspectives can empower you to achieve your economic and financial goals. From breaking free from debt and boosting your income to expanding your business, creating a successful startup, making savvy investments, and acquiring a dream home, the opportunities are endless.

The conscious economist creates businesses and companies that create and contribute greater for all, including them. They are not altruistic, in fact the opposite. They are opportunistic by taking advantage of all the abundant energy of the universe. The conscious economist takes advantage of the abundant energy of the universe by choosing rather than refusing. The key here is in the point of view.

The conscious economist includes systems and people that can grow, evolve, expanse and change. The economist of this reality looks for the right answer.

All around us are the elements and resources of consciousness. They are waiting to contribute to us, our businesses, bank accounts, finances and wealth.

If you would love to learn more about the economy of consciousness and becoming a conscious economist, please explore all of my money consciousness content here.

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize.
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