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How Does a Question Create?







Asking a question is one of the essential elements required in true creation, and a foundational tool used in Access Consciousness®.

Although asking a question seem relatively easy and simple, unfortunately very few people know how to be in the question.

Why ask a question?
Albert Einstein said if he had an hour to solve the most complicated problem in the universe, he would spend the first 55 minutes looking for what question to ask.

Question is essential for creation. For discovery. For change.

The question is a key that opens the door to greater possibilities. It allows the universe to show you what you are asking for.

Unfortunately we are not taught to ask questions at school, we are taught how to find the right answer. As children, we learned that we would be rewarded if we had the correct answer. And so, we tend to think that if we don’t have the right answer before we even begin, we are wrong. This is completely incorrect.

What is a true question?
The tool of using a question is so quintessentially easy, yet so few people truly know how to be in the question, and ask a true question. They ask using a conclusion with a question mark attached, or ask a question that is designed to get a specific answer.

How do you ask a true question? Start by picking something you would like to create. Would you like to create more money in your bank account? More fun in your life? Or how about more peace and ease in relationships? With whatever you would like to create more of in your life, now ask: “What is it going to take?”

Rather than asking: “What is it going to take to stop going into debt?’ which is a conclusion with a question mark attached, what if, when asking for more money, that question of; “I would like more money. What is it going to take? was the beginning of planting a seed that would eventuate into the universe showing you what it is going to take for you to have more money than you ever thought possible? And once the universe shows you what it is going to take, you can choose it.

True question is the smartest place you can function from.

What if you were to start a daily practice of asking questions and learn the difference between a true question and a conclusion with a question mark attached?

What question can you ask today that will open the door to greater possibilities right away?

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