For years I would hear my stepfather Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, say “You don’t truly have a choice about reincarnation until you totally have the greatness of embodiment”.  I would wonder and wonder, what is the greatness of embodiment?

Up until that point I had not had so much fun with my body.  I hardly ever appreciated it.  You know when you look at pictures of you in the past and your like “Wow I looked so much better than I thought I did back then” and then you make the choice to appreciate your body now so you don’t miss out on how awesome it must be only you don’t quite feel that way about your body anyways?

And then there is all the pain.  It was not until attending and facilitating my own Access 3 Day Body Classes that I even began to get that the body was a fun thing to have.  It was the Access Hands-On Body Processes that began to give me a connection and joy with my body that I had never realised was possible.

I began to really get how aware my body was, and is, and that all the “pain” I was experiencing in my body was not my body’s.  It was my body’s awareness of other bodies, including the Earth.  I then began to ask, “Do I even want to be aware of how aware my body is”?

It seemed like every time I walked down the street the intensity of awareness my body and being were having were too much for me. So then I would “try” to shut off the awareness by avoiding being around people, by over eating, by putting barriers up to my and my bodies awareness, and of course, this ended up hurting even more. So one day I just said “to hell with it! I will give awareness a chance to show me another possibility. There has to be something else, there has to be.”  Then, bit-by-bit, my body started getting happy.  I was still aware of all the pain and suffering in all the bodies around me, but it didn’t have the impact it once did.  I began sensing an explosive, ecstatic pleasure emerging from my stomach where before I had only had blocks and density.

I continued using the Access Body Processes and choosing to have a body (Oh! Did I mention choosing to actually have a body helps your body be happy?)  and I realised how much energy I had been using against my body’s joy.  I realised this was a behaviour I was taught by basically everyone else with a body. Nearly everyone on earth above the age of 12 deliberately limits the pleasure and joy their bodies have. Crazy!

What would our world be like if everyone was walking around enjoying their bodies, loving and caring for their bodies rather then judging and punishing them out of existence? What a totally different world!

What kind of world would you like to live in with your beautiful body?

What would a world where we honoured and regarded our body’s intelligence and awareness be like?

What would a world where bodies were honoured full stop be like?

I dare you to find out…………………………

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