I have been around to watch Access Consciousness® evolve from the first ever class my dad did in the converted garage out behind our house to the international powerhouse it is today.

It all started with my dad channelling the Bars and the few people who came to learn. My sister and I were the very first Bars ‘guineapigs’ and from there grew the rapid, steady, almost undefinable expansion of Access to the monolithic toolbox for change we know it as today.

In the beginning there were the Bars. Then, steadily, Gary (dad) started adding verbal processing, questions, other tools and the body of Access began to emerge.

The Bars turned into Access Foundation & Level 1 and then again it evolved into two different classes and on and on until we arrive today with The Foundation! The first ‘big’ multi-day class that introduces people to the breadth and depth of what Access has to offer. We now have The Foundation as its own amazing introduction to the end of your life as you know it and the beginning of a magic possibility if you choose it.

If you have done any Access classes, you know the power and depth that is behind these amazing tools. If you have done lots of Access you have probably started to notice that the more advanced classes you take, the better and better you actually understand and know how to apply the tools you learned oh-so-long-ago in the Foundation.

The Access Foundation has every tool, process and resource you will ever need to know to change and better any and every area of your life. Plain and simple. BOOM! The interesting phenomenon of these foundational tools is that they are so effective in their simplicity and elegance that we can miss them in search of the harder more ‘real’ way. Or just simply not apply them for whatever reason.

I literally had facilitated the Foundation class 10 times and then one day I was facilitating another and I got to a page in the manual that I had never seen before and it blew my mind. It was about Perceiving, Knowing, Being and Receiving. It said ‘in order for anything not to be working in your life there must be something you are unwilling to perceive, know, be or receive.’ It sent ricocheting bells of awareness and change through my whole universe. I was like, “Wow!!! In order for something not to be working for me there is something I am unwilling to be aware of!!!!”. This was the first time I could apply this awareness to what was not working in my life. I had literally never even seen that information in the manual before, and I was a facilitator! You get it when you get it. =)

And so, over time and through many more classes, I grew to actually getting what was in the Foundation the first time I did it. The Foundation contains the essential inoculant required to wipe out what limits you and start to establish infinite being (simply put). Sort of like how we learn to speak before we learn how to spell and define the words we use.

Consciousness is a whole amazing language of its own we can learn to speak and use before we even totally get it.

I am so excited to share the language and ways of consciousness with you and see if we can’t just make the world a better place for us, the trees, our children, the animals, life and us all!

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‘All of life comes to us with Ease, Joy & Glory’