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Where does the future begin?

It starts right here with the choices you are making and the actions you are taking.

Or it can end right where you are in this moment with the decisions you are making and the anti-conscious actions you are taking.

I remember the moment I realized I was ‘on my own two feet’. Meaning, my parents were no longer my sole source of money and support and that I was paying for myself now. It was the first time I paid for the dentist myself at age 22. It was a shock of sorts that woke me up to the fact that I was on a different track than I had been. I was an adult, sort of. What exactly was that going to be for me?

I spent the majority of my 20’s avoiding having to deal with life; like bills and money and relationships and my body. I just wanted to smoke pot, have a lot of sex, eat whatever I wanted with no consequence and not be responsible for me or anything else. My attention went about as far as when the next yoga class was, who I was going to have sex with and distracting myself with pot, friends, boys, boys and more boys. I wasn’t thinking about the future. I didn’t have one.

Of course this ended up as multiple unwanted pregnancies, massive credit card debt, cervical HPV and an overall sense of loss and dissatisfaction.

In my 30’s I started to slowly create my life and to have more of what I thought I wanted. I wanted more peace with money, with men and relationships, with sex and my overall sense of life. I had quit smoking pot and doing drugs in my mid 20’s so that wasn’t bringing me down “anymore.” However, I was daunted by having to deal with things. Things like money, taxes, people and what the fuck was I doing here?

I was mostly stumbling forward, seeing about three days to a week at most ahead of myself. But my efforts were starting to work, the crazy thing I started doing called ‘Talk to the Entities’ in my mid-twenties was actually starting to turn into a generative business and for the first time in my adult life at about the age of 32, I had some money. I had a sense of what I wanted to commit to in life and that I did want to commit to my life. Not just smoke it away or die.

I started having enthusiasm for my life, for creating and being happy.

By thirty-five I was making more money than I ever thought I could, coupled with a peace in myself. I owed the majority of this to Access and my dad.

Access had saved my life and given me a joy I had never imagined was possible and my dad had my back, endlessly contributing to me and always inviting me to more. Making me choose, inspiring me through his own achievements and including me in what was possible.

He took action on one of his visions; which was purchasing a large property in Costa Rica and building the first Access Consciousness resort and conference centre called El Lugar (The Place).

All the while he had been teaching me about money: how to make it, how to have it, how to create with it and how to have my own reality with it, not everybody else’s. As part of this he told me to read ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’. In this book they talk about tithing 10% of your income as a way of honouring. This is often done in the church, but what my dad asked me to start doing was tithing 10% to me. And so I did, and I didn’t spend it. I let it grow and grow and keep me company.

As I was doing this my money started to really grow and I had more and more of it.

People around me were investing their money or at least talking about it. I started looking at investing myself. Everything I learned about was sort of blah blah for me. So I started asking ‘What do I really want to invest in?’

And it was super clear to me, I wanted to invest in consciousness.

But how would I do this? What could I put my money into that would return in money and consciousness?

That’s where El Lugar (The Place) came in. I gifted 10% of my annual income to El Lugar.

El Lugar will be the first Access Consciousness venue and resort in Coast Rica. It’s a vision that my dad had and started putting into motion without knowing how it would come into being. Just knowing that it wanted to be created.

At the time I was not confident in this choice, it was like a gamble for me. El Lugar was just an idea at this point and I had to force myself to give 10% of my annual income to it. I had tons of logic telling me why I needed the money and why I should not give it. However, I knew if I functioned from needing the money myself I was buying that the universe was not an abundant space that would always work out for me.

So I did it, half trusting, half doubting, I gave more money than I was comfortable with. And then moved on and sort of forgot about it. I only recalled the 10% contribution nearly 12 months later when I got my first tax bill that winded me. I had generated so much money since I started the 10% contribution that I didn’t realize until tax filing time.

I said to the person who was doing my accounting, “How much money did I make?” I had whizzed by one million USD without even noticing and was completely unprepared for paying the taxes.

The tax is not the point of this story. The point was that I had earned over one million USD without any extra effort. In fact, I couldn’t even really figure out where the money came from. I was not working harder, in fact everything was easier. And then a ping came into my world, El Lugar…

In my gifting, I had stumbled into receiving for the first time. I had no reference point for receiving, in fact I disbelieved it and wanted to pawn it off as a lucky coincidence.

But something in me knew this unbelievable thing was real and this was striking a new kind of gold. The gold that only consciousness can bring and the magic of true gifting and receiving. I had given the money not because I thought I had to or because I was being forced to. There was no obligation on the other end of it. It was a true gift, the gift I gave for the joy of it. I didn’t expect anything in return nor did I have a clue what could be returned.

For the first time I saw how the future could be created from the choices I made today and that the future actually had to be created. Unless I wanted to stumble into whatever mess or accidental achievement I might eventually reach in the future, if I ever did.

The future you contribute to will contribute to you. The future you don’t contribute too will never create.

The future will always tell you what choice will lead to what you would like, if you ask it and listen.

You ask it by saying, ‘If I make this choice, what will my future be like?’ or ‘If I choose this will this create or erode my (or the) future?’

The future will tell you by your awareness of energy. If you make a choice that feels heavy, your future will be heavy. If you make choices that feel light, your future will be light. That’s the sum total of that rocket science. It’s very easy to create a light, generative, financially prosperous, conscious future. In fact, it’s only easy. Following the energy will always be ease-filled, it’s when we start using judgment of what is the right and wrong choice, that it gets hard.

It’s our belief that there can be a right or wrong future that leads all future creation off the rails. Go for the ‘right life’ and you will never have a future, only judgment. Avoid the ‘wrong life’ and again, there is no future. Only avoidance and judgment.

What choice can you make today to create more money now and into the future?

Do you make choices for the future, or choices to handle right now?

If you were going to live for ten thousand years what would you have to create?

And if you could not escape through death what would you have to create?

Are you taking actions for creating the future you know is possible and would like? Or are you anchored in the past as though that is all that can be?

If you had no past, what would you have?

What action for the future can you take today that will create?

Even if it shows up in ten thousand years.

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