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A Story of Receiving







I just got a whole new depth of receiving today.

Over Christmas, my husband and I had an interesting thing ‘happen’ where I was not allowed transit through New Zealand to go to Houston to spent the holiday with my family. Our tickets were on Air New Zealand =)

So we had a choice to scrap the trip or buy new tickets on the day of travel right before Christmas and as you all know if you have done any traveling during the holidays, the airlines put the prices right up.

We could only fly with Qantas, since it was direct. No stopping in New Zealand and the only tickets they had left were in business class for a combined total of $23,000 AUD =)!

As soon as the person at the desk told me $23,000 I had an instantaneous explosion of joy, then my mind kicked in. My mind said, ‘that’s way too much money’. Then my joy said ‘that’s AWESOME!’

Then my mind said ‘why is that awesome, it’s way too much!’ And on and on and on.

I sat for a good 10 minutes just sort of going through the processes and in the end, the joy won! I just did it, all the while being so blissed out I felt like I was going to orgasm in my pants and had no idea why.

Fast forward to now, I am in Malaysia. I left on a 2-month trip from my summer home in Australia to the northern hemisphere (winter) for classes, creation, and fun. I packed all winter clothes and completely spaced that Malaysia is right on the equator and always hot.

I had two classes scheduled for Malaysia and woke up on the first morning in Kuala Lumper realizing I only had one outfit that I could work in for classes without sweating myself to death. I thought ‘jeez I need another outfit for working’. And that was the sum total of my thought about it.

My friend and host in Malaysia, Ryan Tee was taking me around today for some sightseeing, we visited the Batu Caves and did a bit of hiking then he took me to a super mall on the way home (if you know KL it’s the land of the super malls) to grocery shop.

On the way into the mall, I spotted one of my favorite clothing stores and was pulled right in. In a matter of literally 60 seconds, I had flitted around the shop and pulled out two dresses. I chose one and took it to the register to pay, no line of course and the beautiful, lovely woman behind the counter informed me this one was 50% off =). I would have happily paid full price and how does it get better?

I popped my credit card into the machine and the words on the screen started flashing RECEIVING, RECEIVING, RECEIVING. I thought ‘that’s cute’, then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! RECEIVING!!!!!

I had totally been misjudging that receiving was when stuff was coming my way when it was flowing towards me, not when I was flowing money or energy away from me like spending money on a new dress or buying $23,000 plane tickets.

But that had been what the bliss joy was when I purchased that airfare with total ease at Christmas and again here in this dress shop with the credit card machine flashing receiving at me.

I was choosing what worked for me, not making money the issue while using it and voila receiving. Receiving is about energy flowing in all directions, in and out. Not just about in, in, in. Receiving is like the ocean tides, in and out, swelling and retreating.

Created and influenced by the harmony of the infinite universe (I’m not even being airy-fairy about that one, it’s science!), not our minds which are far from harmonic or infinite.

Receiving is bigger than us like the ocean, it is ever giving and can totally terrify us.

Some of us dive deep and others look from the distant shore.

What are you unwilling to be, what are you unwilling to do that if you were willing to be it or do it would create so much money in your life you couldn’t stop yourself from having everything you desire?

It is so easy to see degrees of receiving reflected in our financial worlds. Every time we think or say we can’t afford something, receiving stops. Every way in which we limit our choices based on money is a demonstration of where and what we won’t receive.

What can money be when it is about receiving in all ways?

Are you ready to choose peace and ease with money? Find out more HERE and HERE

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