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A NEW Kind of New Years Resolution







What if your new year’s resolution this year could be the target of how does it get better then this?
So, what if a target is actually an easier way for the universe to deliver to you the things that you’re asking for?

We tend to want to make a resolution which actually is a decision. Decisions might seem like a good idea because they’re really firm and concrete, they make a lot of sense, and everyone else does them, but the weird thing about a decision is that they limit what the universe can actually gift to you because the universe needs to be able to deliver better in a way that it can, not always in the way that we decide it needs to be.

Years ago, I made a resolution to change my body, to lose my weight, to get in better shape. Unfortunately, most of that resolution was coming from the judgment that my body was wrong how it was. I went on like this for several years with this resolution. Lo and behold, I never actually achieved that resolution.

So, I learned about this thing: called targets which is actually asking for something and allowing the universe to let it show up in the best way it can. Because with a target you can keep taking aim and firing and firing, sometimes you’ll hit your target, sometimes you might not hit your target however you can still keep taking aim and firing.

So, I started asking for my body to change, and what I’ve been noticing was things that were working about my body, that I hadn’t really ever acknowledged before. I started receiving and getting the magic that my body was in ways that I hadn’t really been able to before.

Now, granted, it wasn’t showing up the way I thought, in terms of: weight loss or stamina or a particular feeling in my body, but I was starting to recognize and gain access to other things about my body that were the gift that my body was that I hadn’t ever received before.

So, in this new year what target can you ask for that the universe could gift to you in ways that you might not be able to imagine right now?

Have an amazing year!

How does it get better than this?

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