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5 Tips to Heal and Change Your Body Today







Here are 5 miraculously easy things you can do with your body to start changing it today. The body has some secret weapons built in for change and health that we tend to overlook or completely forget about. Interestingly, they are free and natural!

I assure you; if you add even two out of the five actions to your life, your body will be different within only a few months.

In fact, many bodies become sick or sad from lacking these simple components.

Let’s see which of these you can add today to change your body right away?


Hugging, massage, cuddling, sex, tickling, holding a baby, you name it… bodies love to be touched.

One of the most healing things we can do for our bodies is to be touched with kindness, presence and nurturing (unless you are autistic, then this may not apply to you). Are you getting enough touch?

So many of us are lacking this in adulthood and often the only time we might be touched is in a sexual encounter which might be far from kind or nurturing.

We even live in a world where touching is often considered inappropriate. We brush up against a stranger and we say “sorry”, not “hello”. Of course there are those who abuse others with touch and this is where touching gets a bad wrap.

Touch is free to us all and an easy thing we can do today to heal our bodies right away. Some of you might even notice that when you receive nurturing touch your body begins to detox emotionally or energetically. This is due to the powerful healing properties of touch. If the body is starved of touch it can create imbalance and sickness just like being starved of food nourishment.

The effects of food (or lack of food) on the body are mostly common knowledge but there is little, if any, common knowledge about the effect of touch (or lack of touch) on the body.

Touching is powerful, it can bring up strong emotions, strong relief and strong change.

How can you add more healing touch to your life today?


Laughter changes more than tears. Laughter is one of the ways that bodies shift and transform energies.

Laughter is one of the most powerful ways of toning, invigorating, enlivening and transforming the body.

Remember the last time you had a really good laugh? How happy did your body feel afterwards?

When we laugh we begin to transform energy. All circumstances in our lives are created by energy first and foremost. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, consciousness or unconsciousness form the energy into our present realities and bodies. Energy is the first language, the fabric of the universe and the building blocks ( road blocks) for our lives.

Energy is free and abundant yet we tend to lose the big easy picture in favour of stuff we create in our minds; which, FYI, has nothing to do with your body.

In fact, too much time in your mind will lead to problems in the body. Laughter connects your body and being.

Laughter is one of the bodies built-in superpowers. It is for the facilitation of energy. Who knew creating one’s life could be so funny?

Laughter is powerful, it is creative and it can change your body and the world.

Imagine if people laughed with half as much intensity as they chose sadness or anger.


What movement has your body been asking for?

Now, I don’t mean hitting the pavement or sweating till you drop, although it could mean hitting the pavement and sweating till you drop if that’s what works for your body.

I am talking about movement, not exercise. I must confess I am one of those people who loves to move and exercise but I am not one of those people who thinks all people need to exercise and that exercise is the answer.

When we are talking about healing and changing bodies, we cannot overlook movement as a facilitator of body energy.

Bodies are made to move, in fact bodies are designed to balance themselves hormonally and neurologically is through movement.

What movement would your body like today?

Does your body like to do the same movement every day or does it change?

If you had no inhibition or point of view about your body and just let you body take the lead, how would it move?

I spent many years as a Pilates instructor and with a dedicated yoga practice so I learned many many ‘routines’ for movement. I would do the same yoga practice (Ashanta) four times a week and ride my bike over to the Pilates studio to train people 6 hours a day and, of course, fit my own Pilates work out in.

That’s all very right isn’t it? Wasn’t this supposed to be the answer to a perfect body? Never mind that my body was exhausted and in pain all the time…

One day my body just simply refused to do Ashanta anymore by blowing out both bicep tendons; and that was that.

Pilates, which had once been ecstasy for my body, started feeling contractive and monotonous.

So I had to start discovering what other forms of movement my body desired.
I found it difficult at first to find what honoured my body, movement-wise. I found myself influenced by other peoples’ points of view about what was right for my body.

Over time I began recognizing my body’s signs and began to discover a whole new world of sensation and body-creation through movement that I would have dismissed or overlooked in the past in favour of something more intense.

Sometimes my body wanted to do something that I would previously have considered not enough or strange; like swaying back and forth or even just having quick or not quick sex.

Many of us are misled by the ‘right’ way to exercise as though there is a right way for all bodies. Every body is different and every day our bodies are different. What worked for your body yesterday may not be what works for it today.

What movement has your body been asking for? Now choose it.

Listening to Your Body:

Are you aware that your body is talking to you all the time?

It is talking to you with energy, sensations, responses and information constantly. In fact, it is communicating with you about all sorts of things.

It’s giving you information about your own body but also other people’s bodies, even the environment and the earth.

If you ask and listen, our bodies will give us information about the sort of food they want or don’t want to eat. The sort of people they want to have sex with or not. It will tell you the sort of clothes it wants or doesn’t want to wear, and so on.

How often are you present with your body?

What I mean by presence is the willingness to pay attention to your body.

Do you spend any part of your day dedicated to being aware of your body?

Is there a time in the morning that you sit or lay and breathe and allow yourself to sense your body?

Is there any time of your life that you prioritise being present with your body like you would with a spouse, child or job?

When your body starts talking with pleasurable or painful sensation do you listen to it? Or do you ignore or even aim to repress the sensation?

Do you dedicate the majority of your days to communicating, working with and being present with your body, or the opposite?

Is being present with and listening to your body a waste of time?

What could and would, being present and listening to your body change in your life?

What gift can your body be and are you receiving it?

Access Body Processes:

This one could go in the touching category yet it is such a unique aspect of body awareness and change that it deserves a category of it’s own.

The Access Consciousness ® hands-on body processes facilitate change and greater health by accessing the consciousness of the body and clearing that which we have impelled, imposed and or implanted in the body that creates disease, disconnection and body problems (simply put).

The Access body processes are the miracle we have all been looking for that give you access to your body. They are simple hands-on processes that can facilitate profound change not just in your body, but your life.

The body is a key to your life; the more you are connected to your body the better your whole life will be.

Can you imagine what access to your body is and what it could and would create? The body has gotten such a bad wrap for so long that we have essentially quarantined ourselves from receiving from our bodies and working with them in life.

Can you imagine your body being your best friend and most cherished possession?

Are you seeking for a greater reality with bodies? Look our for one of Shannon O’Hara‘s life changing 3 Day Body Classes HERE, and to find out more about the Access Consciousness hands-on body processes please click HERE.

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