I just got a whole new depth of receiving today.

Over Christmas, my husband and I had an interesting thing ‘happen’ where I was not allowed transit through New Zealand to go to Houston to spent the holiday with my family. Our tickets were on Air New Zealand =)

So we had a choice to scrap the trip or buy new tickets on the day of travel right before Christmas and as you all know if you have done any traveling during the holidays, the airlines put the prices right up.

We could only fly with Qantas, since it was direct. No stopping in New Zealand and the only tickets they had left were in business class for a combined total of $23,000 AUD =)!

As soon as the person at the desk told me $23,000 I had an instantaneous explosion of joy, then my mind kicked in. My mind said, ‘that’s way too much money’. Then my joy said ‘that’s AWESOME!’

Then my mind said ‘why is that awesome, it's way too much!’ And on and on and on.

I sat for a good 10 minutes just sort of going through the processes and in the end, the joy won! I just did it, all the while being so blissed out I felt like I was going to orgasm in my pants and had no idea why.

Fast forward to now, I am in Malaysia. I left on a 2-month trip from my summer home in Australia to the northern hemisphere (winter) for classes, creation, and fun. I packed all winter clothes and completely spaced that Malaysia is right on the equator and always hot.

I had two classes scheduled for Malaysia and woke up on the first morning in Kuala Lumper realizing I only had one outfit that I could work in for classes without sweating myself to death. I thought ‘jeez I need another outfit for working’. And that was the sum total of my thought about it.

My friend and host in Malaysia, Ryan Tee was taking me around today for some sightseeing, we visited the Batu Caves and did a bit of hiking then he took me to a super mall on the way home (if you know KL it’s the land of the super malls) to grocery shop.

On the way into the mall, I spotted one of my favorite clothing stores and was pulled right in. In a matter of literally 60 seconds, I had flitted around the shop and pulled out two dresses. I chose one and took it to the register to pay, no line of course and the beautiful, lovely woman behind the counter informed me this one was 50% off =). I would have happily paid full price and how does it get better?

I popped my credit card into the machine and the words on the screen started flashing RECEIVING, RECEIVING, RECEIVING. I thought ‘that’s cute’, then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! RECEIVING!!!!!

I had totally been misjudging that receiving was when stuff was coming my way when it was flowing towards me, not when I was flowing money or energy away from me like spending money on a new dress or buying $23,000 plane tickets.

But that had been what the bliss joy was when I purchased that airfare with total ease at Christmas and again here in this dress shop with the credit card machine flashing receiving at me.

I was choosing what worked for me, not making money the issue while using it and voila receiving. Receiving is about energy flowing in all directions, in and out. Not just about in, in, in. Receiving is like the ocean tides, in and out, swelling and retreating.

Created and influenced by the harmony of the infinite universe (I’m not even being airy-fairy about that one, it’s science!), not our minds which are far from harmonic or infinite.

Receiving is bigger than us like the ocean, it is ever giving and can totally terrify us.

Some of us dive deep and others look from the distant shore.

What are you unwilling to be, what are you unwilling to do that if you were willing to be it or do it would create so much money in your life you couldn’t stop yourself from having everything you desire?

It is so easy to see degrees of receiving reflected in our financial worlds. Every time we think or say we can’t afford something, receiving stops. Every way in which we limit our choices based on money is a demonstration of where and what we won’t receive.

What can money be when it is about receiving in all ways?

Are you ready to choose peace and ease with money? Find out more HERE


Secret Confessions of My BodyI have a secret confession to make.

I love my body! Why is this a secret you might ask?

I was, up until somewhat recently, quite ashamed of my body and not caring for it at all. I was hugely resistant to even having a body let alone loving my body. When I say body love I mean the kind of loving where you feel like your body is a sexual organ in every walk of life and you honor it totally. The kind of body love that attracts lust and pleasure, the kind of body love that heals and changes the world!

Through deep exploration and seeking consciousness in every area of my life, I discovered how much body shut down and judgment I had hidden away and functioned from.

So hidden that I didn’t even realize it was there, I just lived totally at the effect of it.

When someone would admire or care for my body I would slightly or not so slightly reject it rather than receive it while at the same time desperately desiring to be admired. Crazy.

When I married my husband I found a man who would love me beyond all my limitations and all the body rejection and wrongness. All of the judgments and energies I had been secretly hiding away all of a sudden became unavoidably evident.

When this happened, my body would turn on and become more energetic and beautiful and I struggled with the resistance and desire. I didn’t want to have a bitch fight with the women on the planet nor be eye-raped by the men. So my best choice was to just shut off the body so as not to elicit any difficult situations.

I noticed every time my husband would just want to touch and hold me I could find a million reasons for why I didn’t want it.

It was too hot, I was to full, he smelled bad, it was inappropriate in public, it wasn’t the right time and so on and so on.

But when I really looked deeper at what I was choosing I found that what I was really doing was preventing my husband from setting my body free.

From turning my body on beyond where I could control it and giving me access to all the energy, bliss, pleasure, caring and power that my body processed.

So I had two choices. I could reject that which was bringing to light all that had been so unconsciously hidden away for how many lifetimes, that was creating pain in my body? Or I could bite the metaphorical bullet and see what life was like stripped bare of my body shame, wrongness and defence.

What I discovered was these ANTI-body judgments and programs hidden away in my world making me reject having my beautiful, kind, tolerant and ever giving body.

The ANTI-body judgment that bodies were shameful, gross and that most of all my body was untouchable and even deeper these blocks to orgasm and pleasure that had no logic or thought to them, they just popped up whenever my body was about to be too happy or too full of pleasure and stopped the whole party.

Every time I wanted to look at where these limitations were coming from it was a minefield of confusion and emotions that usually ended with me creating separation and shutting people out from loving me, caring for my body or helping me at all.

The truly sad part of this is that it’s not an uncommon phenomenon, this is a somewhat universally shared behavior and reality by many women and even men.

So how does one move beyond seemingly impossible body judgment and disconnection?

!!Enter the Access Consciousness Body Tools!!

And let me tell you, even if you have enjoyed your body up until this point you have felt nothing until you gain the kind of access to your body these body tools and processes create.

Seemingly impossible difficulties with the body disappear and a lightness, joy and caring emerge.

One of the primary things I have been listening to my father (Founder of Access Consciousness) say for many years was, ‘Life was about getting the greatness of embodiment.’ I had no clue what he meant by that until I started to gain these inroads of access to my body.

And I don’t just mean my tangible body, with skin and organs, you know ‘that body’. I mean the whole zone of awareness I embody, including the earth and all of its creatures. I started to get how aware my body was and how much of that awareness I had mistook as my body’s stuff. I would pick up on other people’s body judgments and take them home with me and own them totally.

When I started asking ‘Who does this belong to?’ it was mind blowing how much my body was picking up on that I was not acknowledging as awareness.

I had totally misunderstood my bodies way.

My body was telling me stuff with all the pain and feelings it was having, I was just misinterpreting it.

Bit by bit my willingness to have my body grew and all the lifetimes of sexual and physical wrongness, let down, betrayal, shut down, abuse, you name it started to unravel and what I found beyond that was a happy body that was so giving, so full of joy and so pleasurable that it almost felt wrong. NO WAIT!!! That’s the judgment I was talking about =))))))

So when is the time for body love and reverence not body judgment and criticism?

What if we could change the world with the way we embody? What if a truly happy body can change the world?

What gift is your body desiring to give you that you can receive now? Even if it’s naughty =)


Clearing the Holocaust Survivors from my BodyJust because you want to clear them doesn’t mean it’s time to clear them.

After (I don’t know how many years!) of facilitating Talk To The Entities® I finally was able to clear some very sticky entities from my body only a few nights ago!

I knew for years that I had Holocaust survivors (obviously they didn’t survive) attached to my body or in my world in some way and no matter what I did (and I know a LOT) I just couldn’t get them to go.

About 3 weeks ago I chose to start a cleansing diet to support my body in changing some stuff going on with it. It was all going great, uncomfortable at times and I knew it was all par for the course.

I started a veggie soup fast, just for 2 days to help my system have a break and reset. On the night of the first day, all hell broke loose!

I started becoming border-line hysterical, telling my husband, “I just didn’t care,” and “I am going to have a more substantial meal.” Mind you, he was not stopping me, he had nothing to do with my choices at all but for some reason, I was making him the perpetrator of me not being allowed to eat.

I stormed into the kitchen and started making myself pasta and wouldn’t you know, 10 min after putting the pasta in the water it would not cook. It turned into a gluey and starchy mess. Then I snapped.

I stormed downstairs and started thinking, ‘I’m going to starve to death!’ When I heard myself think this I knew there was something up other than hunger. I knew I was not starving to death, not even close, in fact, if I was being honest, my body was not actually hungry at all.

This hysteria and thoughts of starvation were so familiar to me. They had been there all my life, lurking under the surface and terrifying me from getting too hungry. If I got too hungry or was denied a meal for whatever reason I would have to overeat to make sure that the feeling went away. Needless to say, I have struggled with weight for all of my teen and adult life.

Fast forward to the veggie soup fast. As soon as this hysteria of starving to death came up I knew something was up so I started POD/POCing myself and clearing entities and it just wasn’t working. So I called my husband (he’s also an Access & TTTE Facilitator) and told him I was flipping out and asked if he could help me.

As soon as he asked if there were any entities there I wanted to rip his head off.. so I knew we were on the right track. After about 3 minutes of clearing it was all done. All the Holocaust survivors were gone at last! After years of ‘trying’ to clear them, it was finally time!

I had finally created and chosen enough consciousness with my body that I could let these guys go. I had sworn to take care of them and one of them, in particular, was very insistent that I EAT! Very Jewish mother type.

The cleansing diet was not just helping me detox toxins, it was allowing me to gain access to all the energies, and in this case, entities that I usually put food on top of to not feel. Whenever the sense of hunger would come into my body even a little these Holocaust survivors would start flipping out.

The depth of my commitment to them and the depth of their discombobulation created a recipe for no change until I had asked enough questions about my body and ran enough Access Body Processes. Only then did the change became choose-able.

There can be so many things at play with entities and people, so many lifetimes of commitments and other solidifying choices. So much unconsciousness, so much lack of real tools and assistance that works. And even when one does have the most dynamic tools and assistance possible you can only get it when you get it.

So, to all of you who know you are dealing with entity stuff and either have given up on changing it or run around in circles, please don’t give up. Sometimes we need to get through whatever we need to get through to get there. If you keep asking and choosing, you will change everything, even the most ‘impossible’.

I am happy to report that I have spent the last 3 days letting myself be ‘hungry’ for at least a little bit each day and the coast is clear. No hysteria, no paranoia eating, no Holocaust survivors!

Seeking to learn more about conscious embodiment with Shannon O'Hara? Click HERE to discover more.

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All Roads Lead to Access Foundation

All Roads Lead to Access Foundation

Я видела как развивался Access Consciousness, начиная с самого первого класса, который отец давал в гараже прямо за нашим домом до глобального бизнеса, которым он является сейчас.

Все началось с того, что мой отец путем ченеллинга получил Бары и дал класс тем нескольким людям, которые пришли. Я и моя сестра были первыми подопытными кроликами Баров и из этой точки началось стремительное, поступательное, почти не предсказуемое превращение Access в тот монолитный набор инструментария для изменений, которым он является сейчас.

Сначала были только Бары. Затем, Гэри (отец) стал постепенно добавлять вербальные процессы, вопросы, другие инструменты и основа Access начала формироваться. Бары превратились в Access Основы и Уровень 1, затем снова разделились на 2 отдельных класса, и снова, и снова, до настоящего момента и сейчас у нас есть класс Основы! Первый многодневный класс, который знакомит людей с широтой и глубиной того, что Access может предложить.

Сейчас Основы являются удивительным приглашением к завершению жизни, какой вы ее себе представляли до этого и к началу магических возможностей, если вы их выберете.

Если вы проходили любой из классов Access, вы знаете силу и глубину, стоящую за этими удивительными инструментами. Если вы много занимаетесь Access, возможно вы начали замечать, что чем более продвинутые классы вы проходите, тем лучше и лучше вы на самом деле понимаете и знаете как применять инструменты, о которых вы узнали на Основах очень-очень давно.

В содержании класса Основы есть все инструменты, процессы и ресурсы, которыми вам нужно обладать, чтобы изменить и улучшить любую облась вашей жизни. Легко и просто. БУМ!

Интересная особенность этих основных инструментов заключается в том, что они настолько эффективны в своей простоте и элегантности, что мы может упустить их в поисках чего-то более тяжелого, более "реального". Или просто забываем применять их по разным причинам.

Я в буквальном смысле провела класс Основы 10 раз и затем, когда я проводила класс в следующий раз, мне попалась страница в Руководстве, которую я раньше никогда не видела и это вынесло мне мозг. Страница была о Восприятии, Знании, Бытие и Получении. Там говорилось:" чтобы в вашей жизни что-то не срабатывало, есть что-то, что вы не готовы воспринимать, знать, быть и получать."

Это осознание срикошетило по мне и изменило всю мою вселенную. Это было Ого! Чтобы что-то не срабатывало для меня, есть что-то о чем я не готова быть осознанной!!!

Это был первый раз, когда я могла применить это осознание к тому, что не складывалось в моей жизни.

Я в буквальном смысле не видела в Руководстве этой информации раньше, а ведь я была фасилитатором! Вы осознаете тогда, когда осознаете.=)

С течением времени и еще много классов спустя, я выросла до реального осознания того, что было в Основах в первый раз, когда я проводила класс. В Основах содержится фундаментальный модификатор, который убирает то, что ограничивает вас и начинает формировать безграничное существо (если объяснять на пальцах).

Похоже на то, как мы учимся говорить до того, как учимся писать и определять слова, которые используем.

Осознанность сама по себе целый удивительный язык, который мы можем выучить и использовать прежде чем поймем полностью.

Я так счастлива поделиться языком и осознанностью с вами и посмотреть, сможем ли мы сделать этот мир лучшим местом для нас, наших детей, животных, деревьев, для всех нас вместе!


"Все в жизни приходит к нам с Легкостью, Радостью и Великолепием"

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