Creating a life from ease Let me start this off a little weird… I have been going through the strangest changes.

They are not the kind of changes where I am like, “Yeah, I’m changing this is amazing!” They are like, “I feel weird, I don’t know what to do with myself and whatever I used to create from and be isn’t there any more.”

In true humanoid fashion, I of course went into that I was wrong in some way. I had made the wrong choice or I had done something wrong.

And amongst all the wrongness and conclusion I was still in the question about what the heck was actually going on.

And then one day as I was laying on my sofa looking out at the ocean it came. I was totally at peace and nothing was wrong! I was so unaccustomed to being totally at peace and not having anything to handle or a fire to put out or a problem to solve with money, or health or relationship that I was totally put off by it. But alas, there I was, with no problems!

I got that I had created so much of my life up until that point from getting out of problem. Getting out of money problems, getting out of health problems, getting out of relationship problems or getting out of being bored.

In brutal honesty, Talk To The Entities came about from needing to solve a money problem. Sure, I could have done any number of things to solve not having money and TTTE was making me money so I kept with it. And the more money I made from it the more it spurred me on to keep going with it.

Then came all the energies and life changes for me and others that TTTE created and then I not only got out of money problems but also was rewarded with all kinds of energies I had not even realized existed, that expanded and nourished my being and life.

Then TTTE grew up and moved out of the house to make its own way in the world and I thought, ‘Oh no, what am I going to do now? TTTE is all grown up and it doesn’t need me anymore. It doesn’t need me to support it all the time.’

Wasn’t that what I had been working towards all these years? TTTE being strong enough to stand up on its own and create in the world without me having to hold it together all the time and make sure it kept growing?

Then it was strong enough and instead of rejoicing at the accomplishment I mourned the change. So fuck that! Thank you TTTE, thank you Access, thank you Gary, thank you TTTE Facilitators and thank you great spirits of the earth. Together we have launched this ship of spirit consciousness and it is sailing fast and smooth.

Not having something hard to work at was not an easy space for me. TTTE and Access had given me myself, immigrated me to Australia, helped me meet and marry the right and good man for me, bought me a BMW and a multi million-dollar home and made me happier then I had ever realized was possible in all the years of being able to realize.

I had defeated and completely surpassed every problem or limitation that ever seemed real to me. I was shot out the other side totally taken care of, totally supported and I was freaking out about it.

As I lay on the sofa looking out to sea amongst this massive revelation, a soft essence became perceptible to me. It was so soft and light I could and had easily dismissed it in favour of more urgent and dense matters. The soft spoke to me in a language I did not understand but I realized this soft had been there with me from the beginning, it had never left me.

It had let me make choices that hurt me and were hard yet it never diminished in its own light and strength.

It was the soft and lightness of creating from true possibility, the opposite of creating out of problems. Creation from no force, no judgment, no effort… simply choice!!

I had heard about this mythical beast of choice for many years. That choice created but I had never actually gotten it until that very moment on the sofa looking out to sea. My life was all about choice now, not the problem life I had been acting out.

This is even a new frontier for me, so I will keep you posted from the frontier as the new world is forged. There is loads of space out here for those that choose!

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 I didn’t even realize that being happy all the time in my life was a possibility until Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) showed me.

As soon as I caught onto it, I was hooked on being happy! I then set out discovering what created and contributed to expanding joy and happiness in my life and doing my best to only choose that. And guess what, it made me happy and rich too! Money makes me so happy!

Has being always happy in life even ever been a reality to you? Or have the bumps, bruises, let downs and unhappiness of life been so the norm in society that you think its right to tolerate an unhappy life?


And so...enters in the choice! What choice can you make today that will make your life happier right away?

This is of course being only for people who choose to be happy, I know a lot of people enjoy being miserable and to those:  What will it take to fully enjoy being unhappy to its fullest?


1. Stop making other peoples problems your problems.

How often do you try and handle other peoples unhappiness and upset? And do you even give up your own peace and ease for someone else?

We can’t help but be aware of other peoples stuff, its part of being an aware person. All my life I was aware of what was going on in other peoples heads, all of it unspoken. And I spent my whole life ‘trying’ to make them happy.

When I became older and wiser I realized they didn’t want to be happy.

The gift of happiness I was intending to give was being thrown into a black-hole never to be seen or heard from again. I gave so much of myself to make people happy without it ever being received, that that black-hole devoured even my own joy to the point that I wanted to die.

I indulged death as an option but my stepfather would not let me die so I turned it around and set out to stop making those that would not be happy happy, and most of all stop making sense out of why they would choose to be unhappy.

People choose to be unhappy just as they must choose to be happy. Just because you have had a terrible life doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Joy is a choice, not a predicated reward you earn when you get it right.

2. Choose at least one thing per day that makes you joyful:

Now this one might be trickier as you are actually going to have to discover what creates joy for you. For some of you this may be easy and others of you it may feel like digging your self out of a deep dark pit with a butter knife.

But let me assure you the quest for joy is not a silly one only for people with the time or money rather the most honorable quest. For when you are happy the whole earth benefits.

Ask what contributes to the joy in your life, then choose that even if it is hard, even if you don’t have the time, even if you can’t afford it. Choosing is free and so is happiness.

3. Get ready to offend others and be rewarded by the universe:

Have any of you noticed that sometimes joy and happiness seems like a punishable offense by others? Have you ever had anyone be angry or guilt trip you for being happy? I have, and I have seen countless others also condemned for their joy.

Too bad for them because the universe rewards joy. The more joyful you are the more everything will just magically work out for you.

Does joy have expectations or is joy happy no matter what? What are you going to choose? Are you going to be unhappy because things don’t work out your way or are you going to be happy anyway?

Joy is free and totally non-circumstantial, meaning there is no reason for joy.

Has joy been enough of a priority in your life or do you prefer strife? Truth?!

Don’t look for people to support you in being happy or to share in your happiness, they may not be able to. But the universe will! Be happy and all will work well for you.

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Why Houses Get Haunted ?The tale of the haunted house is an old and well worn one. The spooky house that no-one wants to go near. The creaking floorboards, the shadows moving down the halls, the whispers in the night, the books flying off the shelves and the other
‘unexplainable’ phenomenon.

For too long, why houses get and stay haunted has been shrouded in mystery. Once you know why houses get haunted it is sure to remove most if not all of the superstition and make it all seem…………… well, silly!


The number one reason houses get haunted is simply because the person living there before might not know they are dead! Seriously.

When people are not super conscious people, they are also not super conscious entities. Also if someone's body dies while on drugs, the being transitioning can often times be heavily affected by the drugs. Meaning, they are unconscious from the drugs even after they have left their body and they do not recognise they don’t have a body anymore. So they just hang around (boring).

In addition to the unconscious thing, often when people's bodies die from shock or trauma this can create a holding of sorts. They are in a shock-trauma holding pattern and are not able to ‘move on’. So they are just sort of stuck there, not alive and not able to move onto their next choice.

Can you imagine the gift you would be to a spirit like this? I’ll show you how.

The number two reason why houses get haunted is because you have an ownership spirit. These are the ones who even though they don’t have a body anymore (and know it) still have the point of view that it’s “THEIR HOUSE!”.

They do a lot of MINE! They just think they own it pure and simple and you being there is an invasion of their ownership.

The solution for this is surprisingly simple.

The number three reason how houses get haunted is because someone is inviting the spirits there either intentionally or unintentionally. When people use drugs (pharmaceutical or recreational) or excessive amounts of alcohol it draws a certain kind of spirit in.

People can also have abilities with entities like I do and this draws spirits in. This only becomes a bad thing when the person is unconscious to this fact or desires to be unconscious to this. An ability is an ability, love it or hate it, it’s not going away. This is the entire premise of Talk to The Entities, giving people all the tools and info they require to thrive with their spirit abilities.

The number four reason a house gets haunted is because its built in the wrong place. There are places for people and there are places for spirits. Since people have become the self-appointed rulers of all of earth they blunder and stumble and put things where they wont work. If people would follow the energy, trust their knowing and honour the energy of the earth (which includes spirits) they would put their houses where they would work. Not where they would block and stop energy and entities from flowing.

As it is for the most part people don’t follow the energy and houses get put where they will accumulate energies from the earth in the wrong ways and even create a stuck space where entities get trapped (so to speak).

The most obvious examples of this are on a place that used to be used as a grave yard or even a less obvious one is on a biological earth portal. The earth has portals as part of its biology and its is very unwise to build a house on or right by one. Its like putting a house on a sink hole except the house wont sink, it will just fill up with ghosts. Bad design essentially, that’s all.

That is all the circumstances and reasons houses get haunted. Nothing more.

Please note, having spirits visit an individual in the house is different than the house being haunted. When that individual moves from the house the spirit will move too. The house isn’t haunted, the person just has spirits around them, different. Spirits have to stay with a house in order for it to be considered haunted.

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Haunted houses are a thing of the past, the future is knowing what creates the stuck energy and entity we are calling haunting.


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